Petra Jasmiina “Naïve”

Behind the depressing gray weather, ugly news and mundane troubles used to be plentiful of magic and wonder. But perhaps its not something that used to be, but rather that people have denied themselves from experiencing that as they grow up. There is a special group of people who have a better connection with what others might bitterly call childish traits, and they are artists. A bright example among them is Petra Jasmiina.

This New-York resident Finnish artist holds fairytales close to her heart and skilfully combines them with the brutal colorless reality. Her music is a class of its own, pulling the best from folky imagery the endless creativity of electronica and the potent energy of brilliant pop singers. A dash of magic later, you get beautiful imaginative music full of wonder and soul.

Her newest song comes full of intent to create cracks in the mundane and grey to let some of that wondering daydreaming energy find its way back into more people. Titled “Naïve“, the song begins with potent droning humming, as Petra’s shimmering vocals introduce us to her world as an artist and a person refusing to let go of her wild wide-eyed dreamer side. Folk elements intertwined with those of pop, “Naïve” is a cinematic melodious song hiding lots of elements and meaning in its many layers.

The single is accompanied by a movie-like music video. Show over the course of 3 days with the help of about 20 other creative people, the scenery in this video take place in Petra’s home city New York, contrasting the dreamy, colorful and hopeful with the harsh, judgmental and indifferent. Inspired by Marie Antoinette among many other people, the clip sees the everlasting tug of war between the daydreaming artistic people and the practical, serious ones, and the unbeatable, admirable resilience the “Naïves” have going.

Naïve is out now in your favourite platforms!

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