Veronica Maximova’s impressive new single “Unbecoming You”

Sometimes a track just hits you. This one hits hard. I’m talking about Veronica Maximova’s impressive new single “Unbecoming You”, her latest song that feels like a punch in your guts in the best possible way. The Berlin-based artist is an independent songwriter and producer with an already remarkable body of work since 2018, and she begins her 2023 with one hell of a bang.


The music made by Veronica is an experimental electronic pop in the likes of FKA twigs, as cutting edge as Björk’s Post was back in 1995, and as emotionally vulnerable as anything by Tori Amos. In “Unbecoming You”, Veronica creates an eerie atmosphere featuring broken sounds that almost can be described as ‘industrial’, all the while maintaining a sharp and concise vision. Have you ever wondered what Ethel Cain could sound like if she was being produced by Grimes? Well, yeah.

Veronica Maximova press photo "Unbecoming You"

It is simply breathtaking and I’m not kidding – as soon as I hit play I found myself holding my breath, utterly mesmerized by the soundscapes. A true talent in electronic pop music, Veronica knows exactly what buttons to push to make a song that sounds bold and new; at the same time that borrows so much from her influences and keeps things nostalgic and just plain interesting. “Unbecoming You” manages to do all of that while still sounding absolutely human, you can listen to the vulnerability and strength throughout every beat and screech.

Veronica’s uncanny ability to manipulate and bend electronics to her will it was already memorable and a part of her past work, but what she accomplished on “Unbecoming You” really puts her on another level.



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