Class Vee invites us to her nostalgic and fun “House Party”

The loveable American singer and producer Class Vee is back with her brand new single, rightfully titled “House Party”. And it’s as infectious and fun as it can be! The talented Florida-based artist unleashes a party anthem with a full-blown 90s feel to it, and it sounds so damn cool as she does it.


Vee continues her rise as a solo artist following the break up of her former band in 2021 and keeps releasing banger after banger and exploring a wide variety of sounds and moods. Embracing everything from indie pop to R&B and keeping in touch with her Latina roots, Vee sets out to conquer the world one great song at a time. “House Party” comes to cement her as a household name and power vocalist that is able to do anything. It differs in style from her previously covered track “Love Resides“, which featured an impeccable synthpop production. On “House Party” she approaches things from a completely new direction in a song that immediately transports you to 1994.

The music video also explores that 90s aesthetic very well, from the clothes to the filming and editing themselves: it looks and feels like it came directly from the mid-90s. Just like the music itself, the video is about having fun, dancing, and enjoying yourself in the best possible way: she’s not at a club with strangers, she’s home surrounded by friends and loved ones. It’s comfortable and comforting to party like this, and she’s making the most of it and looks good doing it.


“I just released a 90s-style song because it’s such a fun decade! And with everything sounding similar, I wanted to share something just in time for the summer that feels nostalgic”, Vee herself says about the track. Every single detail about “House Party” works, from the excellent production to her incredible vocals to the lyrics about expecting your crush to show up to the party. This is such a fun piece of music! Class Vee surely knows what she’s doing and how to do it, and we’re the lucky ones that get to hear it.


Class Vee "Party House" press photo

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