Day Nah breaks through boundaries and constraints to become “Wild and Free”

“Wild And Free” is also the title of the second single released by the fresh and spirited artist. Born out of a frustrating period of heartbreak and stagnation both emotional and creative, Day Nah’s new song is an uplifting anthem of a person rising from the grey, severely held back and broken to be the vibrant, fully healed, and free creative, all of these things Day Nah has wanted to be.


The funky blues-rock affair with bits of soul thrown in opens up with bouncy marching percussion, which is soon joined by electric guitar riffs. It absolutely relishes the feeling of freedom, the kind that comes after a hugely depressive period of time. Day Nah wrote the song as she went through a stage of hurt and dullness after a painful breakup, trying to pick up the pieces of herself, and “Wild and Free” became a song version of a phoenix that would rise from burnt dust, free of all constraints.

Day Nah "Wild and Free" artwork

Day Nah’s vocals have a powerful driving quality to them, making the song shine as she starts with a spoken-word intro describing the feelings of restlessness and desire for something that would shake her out of this grey stagnancy. As “Wild and Free” kicks in, she moves on to pleasing rock vocals with embellishments sprinkled all around, taking the song in the direction of exciting free-roaming emotional liberty. It’s the kind of song that would start playing as you wake up feeling combative, and continues on a high key as you drive off and out of the situation that’s been dragging you down for far too long.


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♬ original sound – Day Nah
Check out the sneak peek that she shares on TikTok which seems to be the video for this track but, I don’t know for sure, so we’ll have to wait.

The Romanian-born self-taught singer-songwriter has been hitting it off in her current home city Copenhagen with her lively rock sound. She’s inspired by greats from a wide range of genres, such as Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and James Brown, and had a music-filled upbringing. Prior to coming back to her roots as Day Nah with “Wild and Free” and the previous, debut single “Baby Cosmic Crazy”, she wrote music under the aliases Dayna and Diella Siel, exploring R&B, electropop, and lo-fi genres.

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