Ga6riella’s lovely new single “Butterflies”

All the way from Tel Aviv, Israel, Ga6riella is a female rising star who’s been making a fuss and causing a commotion in the indie music scene. The girl releases now her third original single since last year, “Butterflies”, and it’s a lovely ballad about strength and resilience.


This time around, Gabriella incorporates more guitars and that early 2000s indie rock vibe while still keeping her roots in the soulful-infused pop r&b that worked so well on the past singles. This change elevates the song and brings a new light of confidence to her amazing vocals making them the centerpiece to this track. The slight shift in production is the most welcome because this features everything: pianos, slow-synths, strings, and that arpeggiated guitar. There’s a sophistication to Gabriella’s sound that makes it feel mature and comforting.

The accompanying lyric video to the song features lovely animation that follows her path from cocoon to butterfly, with stunning black and white visuals that go full sky colors on the chorus. It fits the mood of the song so perfectly, it’s soothing to watch.


On “Butterflies”, Gabriella sings about finding strength and power within yourself, about not giving up and just keeping going. Every misstep and fall is one step closer to your final destination, and they’re a part of your history just as much as the clear skies and open roads. Gabriella’s lyrics are emotional and personal, and by the time she sings ‘Butterflies need air to glide‘ at the end of the chorus, you’re already feeling that force and energy.

“Butterflies” is Gabriella’s third single, but she’s not a newcomer to the game: this girl’s already made a name for herself writing for other pop stars, and we’re lucky that she’s decided to go on her own musical journey. Even now, the range and versatility she’s already shown us only make it even more clear: she is the star herself.


Ga6riella press photo "Butterflies"

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