Wotts’ new single “Blue” instills new faith in the path you’ve chosen

Especially since the destination you’re looking for will not yet be visible until after those turns and corners. “Blue” by Wotts comes with a light and uplifted spirit, making the ongoing quest a whole lot smoother as it reminds us to trust the path we’re on.


Wotts, the Canadian indie pop duo with a hip-hop background has taken on a new venture to experiment with lighter and ethereal indie sounds combining hints of retro, uplifting yet melancholy moods, flowing silky vocals, and chilled atmospheres. They’ve released a slew of singles since 2021, among them a song called “Wheel” accepting the inevitable, and a tune titled “Something“, which is a plea to a loved one dressed up in a dancy 80s-inspired pop banger. Right now they’re gearing up for the release of an upcoming EP, and the new song “Blue” is the second single coming from it.

Wotts "blue" artwork

Aptly described as a springtime jam by the band, “Blue” has an unrivaled kind of lightness to it, similar to the sort you feel when spring is around with fresh smells and warmth, meaning you can finally put away that heavy winter coat. This lightness is an emotional kind though, and it’s brought about by elevated synth melodies and percussion that can only be described as an embodiment of positivity. It quite literally paints the sky blue, as the lyrics push the clouds of worry and hesitation out of the way and build exhilaration throughout the duration, also incorporating a sweet electric guitar solo.

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