9 O’Clock Nasty powerful new single “Mood Is Low”

It’s 3 am. Somebody knocks on your door: it’s 9 O’Clock Nasty. “Mood is Low!” they shout… Leave everything behind, it’s time to find a new home. The new single arrives on all streaming channels and YouTube on SATURDAY MAY 20th 2023.



After a year of experimenting with different perspectives and varieties, the Nasty felt the sudden urge to go back to their roots. That place the light never reaches, where demons and ghouls dare not set foot. The place they so humbly call home. Raw guitars, broken bass, and driven drums. No more is needed to deliver an authentic Nasty experience.


“Mood Is Low” is the Nasty going back to what gave them birth. Like the prodigal son, or an excommunicated John Wick looking for solace, 9 O’Clock Nasty returns with 2 minutes of pure aggression, sweaty T-shirts, and high levels of self-induced dopamine. We will vibrate to the groove, and scream in ecstasy once again to the sheer power of these loon-raccoons.

No tricks. No gadgets. Raw guitar, broken bass, and driven drums. Everything turned up as loud as it will go. Two minutes of power, aggression, and pure joyful abandon. A throwback of a song. Like the lost idiot lovechild of the Stooges and Electric 6. The kind of song that knocks on your door at 3 am, drunk and smelling of cheap cologne because it lost its keys and was being chased by bats.

Wild vocals, unorthodox lyrics, powerhouse drums, and rock and roll melodies will flood your place, leaving you with the sensation of being hit by a tornado, sitting on the couch, and thinking “Wow, I needed that”. So pump it up, clear the room, and have fun.


Rumor has it that the Nasty have been collaborating (once again) with two of the greatest modern bands on earth, so keep your eyes peeled.

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