Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

Ste Walker “You Don’t Know Me” Due Out June 02nd


Having taught himself guitar as a teenager, it wasn’t until the summer lockdown of 2021 that he stumbled across his songwriting ability by accident.

Of his new single STE said,“‘You Don’t Know Me’, that song is a statement of intent, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ flowed out of me
in about twenty minutes. It is about standing your ground, taking no notice of negativity, and being true to yourself. Its
message is one of empowerment and anti-bullying.”

Ste Walker "You Don't Know Me" artwork

Blueburst “Amplify Me”. Released May 19th

New alt-rock artist Blueburst released two new singles to follow up the first two critically acclaimed debut singles. “Amplify Me” and “Train in Vain” are the third and fourth original singles from the project, a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Craig Douglas Miller (The Reach), and legendary guitarist Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, Noctorum, MOAT).

Amplify Me was written during the strife of the summer of 2020, and it reflects something I was seeing from all sides of the political spectrum: humans’ need to feel heard, and the rage that’s created when we feel we aren’t. I think the aggressive mood of the song fits that”

Craig Douglas Miller

RHEIN “Open Dak”. Released April 21st

RHEIN is the musical alter-ego of Reinier van den Haak (Krach, Roosbeef). After focusing more on his work as a psychologist in recent years he decided to unite both passions.

“In a neo-Freudian quest for less ratio and more feeling, RHEIN started tracking the content of his dreams, to use as inspiration for music.”

Eruption Artistique “So Strange”. Released May 04th.

Eruption Artistique is back again with a dark neo-psychedelic RNR love story ending with a new beginning. Recognize these demons? This cinema noir story is many people’s story, but so strange like this?

“…So Strange is not meant to capture the public Zeitgeist…it is just a timeless homage to a world dead to love”

You can also check our reviews for their tracks “Ball & Chaing” and “Vicar the Licker“.

Christina Winterfell’s “Life At The Top”. Released April 28th

Christina Winterfell’s debut single “Life At The Top.” The track has a very upbeat and melodic sound, which captures the energy of rock and the melodies of pop with an indie flair. The instrumental features a very driven arrangement, with edgy drums and soaring guitar tones. In addition, Christina’s vocals are incredibly present and sultry, bringing so much passion and emotion to the track.

“I am now in a time that is very special. I am so happy for everything that I am working on and all the people who are showing me support and giving me opportunities. Most of all I am open for myself to let things happen. It is important for me to show that it is never too late to do things that make you grow and make you happy.

I want to be the example and role model for my sons and people to show that is never too late whatever age you are in, where you are in life, where you are coming from to make dreams happen” I am proud of myself and that is the most important things to feel and show for myself and other people”

Christina Winterfell

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