Fury New DCxPC Volume 13 Feat. Degenerates of Punk

The filth and fury continues with DCxPC Volume 13! Taking pre-orders and just released last Friday 05-19-2023, this edition of the live vinyl series features The Degenerates of Punk, an upbeat, smash-mouth, “Ramones-core” punk band that spans the range of Pop Punk, Skate Punk, and Old School all in one. The 12″ LP was recorded from a performance at the legendary Ralph’s Rock Diner in Rhode Island. Only 100 copies are going to be produced and are pressed in glow-in-the dark green!


Degenerates of Punk (DOP) of New England, were founded in 2019 by Jimmy West and Bill Huther. Sparrow Cat was next to join the group at bass and Paulie Paradox on drums shortly thereafter. Jimmy and Sparrow are the remaining founding members now joined by Adam APE and Bobby Forand splitting drum duties.

The band’s gang vocal melodies have an East Coast vibe that makes me think of bands like Rancid while at the same time are so catchy it reminds me of Skate Punk tendencies of bands like Pennywise. The band also cites Screeching Weasel as a direct influence, and I think a lot of that comes through in their writing as well.

Degenerates of Punk are active members of the New England punk scene and maintain working relationships with other bands that they refer to as “a large extended family.” Calling out specifically “sibling” bands such as The Frenzy of Tongs, Jimmy West Band, The McGunks, Pint Killers, and The Somethin’ Somethings. And just like my wacky family, there are too many cousins to account for! Another cool notch on DOP’s belt is that they were nominated for Motif Magazine’s 2022 Breakthrough Act last year.

As with every DCxPC release all pre-orders within the first week are entered into a raffle to win a VML Live Album!

The record in an energetic 12-song set played by the band that kicks your butt start to finish. From old school rocking vibes like the opener “Tommy and Geo” to pop punk and surf punk sentiments in “This Time Alone” to the anthemic “whoas” in Same Old Songs,” I can picture pogoing and slam dancing throughout the night at a DOP show.

Degenerates of Punk are:

  • Jimmy West -Vocals, Guitar
  • Sparrow Cat – Bass,Vocals
  • Bobby Forand – Drums,Vocals
  • Adam APE – Drums

Production Credits:


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