ProntaCorde brings forth color and joy in his new single”Music Of My Life”

Your favorite music is the soundtrack of your life. This music can be anything from birdsong and quiet moments of comfort, to the rowdiest experiences ever. For ProntaCorde it’s an ecstatic blend of a wide array of genres that have been combined to become a joyous dancy and cheerful epitome of happiness titled “Music Of My Life”.

ProntaCorde, the solo project of Mexican artist Jose-Alberto Gallegos, is an alternative music project powered by endless love for music. There’s no such thing as a defined genre for this artist, as he loves experimenting with sounds and blending together a kaleidoscopic combination of sounds. The artist breaks all barriers and boxes and replaces genre conformations gone stale with a forward-pushing sound of freedom. The lively atmosphere filled to the brim with energy and stellar moods is present in most of his discography, but for the new single “Music Of My Life”, it’s all turned to 11.


The new single “Music Of My Life” is a celebration of music and all it represents for the artist. With that notion, the single comes loaded with light floating atmospheres, bubbly emotions, layered vocals, and just all-around endless feelings of gratitude. It might as well be the concentrated soundtrack to ProntaCorde’s life as a musician and a music lover listening to his favorite songs. The single is also the title track of the newest full-length album, which is out now!

Music Of My Life was initially born as an instrumental song, reminiscent of French groups from the early 2000s like Air, Phoenix, Tahiti 80, whose music marked me and was a key part of my playlist. As time went by, it became clear that the song needed a voice, and the lyrics arose very naturally from the idea behind the song: to recognize and thank the music that soundtracks our existence, and enjoy the emotions triggered by it.


Listen to “Music Of My Life” now on your favorite platforms!


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