Tara MacLean gazes into her true self in heartfelt new video “That’s Me”

The Canadian resident, singer-songwriter Tara MacLean introduces her newest video “That’s Me”, coming from the 7th studio album “Sparrow”. The deep-gazing single was written a while ago back in 1994 when MacLean was 21 and looking for an answer to a burning question – who is she? Messed-up emotions and decisions arising from a chaotic childhood had left the young lady feeling shattered and stuck in the claws of her demons. The demo of this song written as a method of self-reassembly became Tara MacLean’s self-portrait, a song depicting her true soul.

Tara MacLean press photo

Years later to this day, MacLean wanted to revisit the song and give it a new perspective of a mature woman, who has learned to live with the demons and to handle those ripples coming from her past. “That’s Me” comes about as a soulful, emotionally vibrant, and uplifting ballad full of self-recognition and endless care for who the artist is. MacLean’s voice is transcendent and utterly beautiful, making the song and its poetic, earnest lyricism hit very hard.

“That’s Me” comes accompanied by a music video, which gives the song’s lyrics an additional, visual depth. The video is laced with symbolic items – the window, the laced shawl, the corset, and flowers, but more importantly, it shows the process of moving through the pain from the past toward healing and becoming free again. It’s a very emotional video, so you may want to keep a hankie close just in case. It’s a story of a woman reclaiming the true autonomy of her body through pain and tears after an assault made her distant from her physical body. It’s a soul’s journey back to innocence and beauty. Watch the video below:

Tara MacLean’s new album “Sparrow” accompanies her debut book of memoirs “Song of the Sparrow”, which you can get here on Amazon.


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