Activ8te’s thrilling indietronica love ballad “All We Do Is Shine”

Activ8te is a German-born California-based electronic music producer, and this time he’s back with the gorgeous “All We Do Is Shine”. It’s a love song about the powerful connections between people, and a deep emotional relationship, and it features vocals from Chicago-based artist footleg.


It showcases a softer side to Activ8te’s music, being a song that steps away from the almost industrial EDM from his previous track “I Am Tracking You” and it comes to prove just how versatile he is as a producer. “All We Do Is Shine” features an indietronica production, with slow guitars and a dream pop-like atmosphere that allows the instruments to shine and compliment both the vocals and the lyrics. Taking inspiration from Tiësto and Zedd but this time around more focused on feeling and emotions, what we hear in the song’s production reminds you of the softer side of someone like James Murphy and it’s just so good.

“All We Do Is Shine” is a love song, pure and simple. It talks about love’s transformative power, about how the emotional connection that comes from a loving relationship can change you and change everything around you. It’s about how strong and powerful it can be when two people love each other, respect, have mutual admiration, and stand with each other.

This connection is also reflected in the bond between Activ8te and footleg in this collaboration. “Working with footleg on ‘All We Do Is Shine’ was inspiring. We aimed to capture the emotional depth of love and unity, blending his vocals with my electric guitar. I’m proud of our collaboration and excited for fans to experience this powerful connection”, Activ8te himself says of the process. “I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible together.  It turns out to be true – All we do is shine!”, footleg responds. The chemistry between the two musicians is palpable, making the track an even more thrilling and emotional ride.

On “All We Do Is Shine” there is no conflict, no power play, no games – just an incredibly honest bond between two people. It’s refreshing to hear something like this, and it makes you believe in love all over again.


TonyNiels and footleg Activ8te All We Do Is Shine photo press
“In “All We Do Is Shine,” the lyrics delve into love’s transformative power, exploring self-discovery, vulnerability, and the strength found in deep connections. The chorus captures the essence of two souls shining together, creating an unstoppable force capable of overcoming life’s challenges.” Activ8te

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