Activ8te scary truth “I Am Tracking You”

This track is an electronic music experience that tackles one scary truth. Cyber-attacks! “I Am Tracking You” by Activ8te delivers a futuristic essence mixed with a modern problem… the dangers of losing privacy through technology.

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What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your cybersecurity expert, MadZen… ok, not really but today’s artist is actually a security expert with decades of experience in building security infrastructure by day. By night he turns into an electronic music producer with a taste for dubstep, seeking inspiration from artists like Tiesto and Zedd. Let’s get to it!

“Through the power of music and the universal language it provides, this track hopes to inspire others to think critically about the ways in which technology impacts our lives and to take steps to protect their own privacy.” Activ8te

As I mentioned before, Activ8te is both a cyber security expert and a music producer. He’s originally from Northern Germany but moved to the US for a PhD in Computer Science. He has worked for companies like Google and Stripe, protecting his clients from sophisticated adversaries! He’s truly a superhero, or may I say, a cyber-hero??… Anyways, he’s cool as fuck!

What makes things even cooler, is that Activ8te is on a mission of creating music not only to create an emotional connection with his fans but also to try and make them interested in cybersecurity. How crazy is that? “I Am Tracking You” is his new single, made in collaboration with AENDZI, a vocalist, artist, and producer currently based on the East Coast of the US. Together they’ve created a pretty cool track with futuristic elements and cyber-punk influences that scares the crap out of me. Wanna know why? Watch the video!

Our protagonist, a young woman, had recently ended a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and was feeling hurt and vengeful. As she began to research the various types of spyware on the market, she stumbled upon Pegasus, a powerful and highly sophisticated tool produced by NSO Group and sold to governments around the world. This spyware had been used to target politicians, journalists, and human rights activists, and she knew that it could be used to wreak havoc on her ex’s life.

To help him achieve his mission, he is collaborating with world-renowned security researchers and musicians across the US to produce a series of tracks that each touch on different security topics. He has already released the first track in the series, “Teardrop Falling,” which received positive reviews in many different outlets, and now with this second release, he is hopeful that, with a severe shortage of security talent, young listeners might consider pursuing a career in the security field, and help us fight the evil cyber threats! Man, that’s scary. Anyways,


Determined to get her revenge, our protagonist set out to learn everything she could about Pegasus and how it worked. She spent hours studying the technical details, testing different methods of infection and control, and experimenting with ways to invade her ex’s privacy.

“Finally, armed with a deep understanding of Pegasus and a burning desire for retribution, she set her plan into motion. Using all of the knowledge and skills she had gained, she was able to successfully infect her ex’s devices with the spyware, giving her complete access to his personal data and conversations.” Activ8te

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