Brendan Baker’s whimsical new single “Mixed Signals”

Brendan Baker’s new song stands on the line between two clashing moods. On the one hand, it’s the joy and excitement of going out, having fun, and meeting new people, and on the other hand, it’s the expectation that you should find someone to go home with. That results in a very mixed bag of feelings, which the song earns its title from. “Mixed Signals” is Brendan’s answer to the mixed thoughts stirring in his mind fitted into a banger!



The Los Angeles resident, upcoming alt-pop artist Brendan Baker has his eyes set on the path to becoming a pop star. Influenced by the pop greats such as Coldplay, Charlie Puth, and Jon Bellion, Brendan Baker’s sound is unmistakably pop, but with a fresh taste in arrangements and an equally fresh look on the themes his songs are touching. “Mixed Signals” is as vigorous as it can possibly be, as it’s an anthem of a fun-loving young person meeting new people, but always going home alone.

“I started working on ‘Mixed Signals’ about this time last year, it was originally meant to be a Valentine’s Day song-gram (like candy-grams or telegrams) that I was going to use to locally fundraise to put on a concert at my University. In total I had made 6 beats in the span of one week, but the fundraising got scrapped and I was left with some awesome songs that I wanted to keep working on. A couple months later, I graduated college with a B.A. in Music Production and really wanted to put it to the test with a new song.

That’s when I started writing the lyrics. They came to me relatively quickly, as I was reminiscing on my last semester in college: staying out late with my friends, talking to girls at bars, having a great time. That’s pretty much the mood of the song. But then there was this other feeling, like I had let myself down. It felt like I hadn’t really made the most of my time, because I never ended up with any of the girls I talked to. I was too shy to go home with them after, and didn’t want to bother them much if I had gotten their number. So that’s where the Mixed Signals come in.”

Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker "Mixed Signals" artwork

“Mixed Signals” is a danceable pop tune that’s light on its feet and in a constant move, just like the person it represents. A healthy dose of awkwardness is present within the otherwise very energetic synth-infused song as if the song oversees the person nervously approaching someone new at a bar or a venue. High heart rate, lyrics of sheer honesty, no time to stay still, and doing the very best ad shooing the nervousness out of the door, “Mixed Signals” is a bright pop song and arguably a perfect contender for Summer Song 2023. Aside from that, the single is also Brendan’s question to a wider audience:

“I wanted to know if anyone else felt the same way I do when I go out, like I want to have fun and enjoy being around people, but I didn’t like the pressure there is at nightclubs and bars to “go home” with someone. I just want to have a good time.”

Brendan Baker

My answer to the song is a yes.

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