Sophie Li’s Outstanding Debut Single “For Crying Out Loud”

The young artist Sophie Li from Liverpool, England, is only twenty years old and is already rebranding herself after leaving her label last December. Her debut single was the delightful “For Crying Out Loud”, and it’s already out – and it’s a banger.


Inspired by classic acts such as Catfish and the Bottlemen as well as modern indie darling beabadoobee, Sophie has a very distinctive style and voice. Her music relies on the pop-punk aesthetics with catchy guitars and melodies, and one out-of-this-world pop hook that stays with you for days. Sophie Li always writes about personal experiences with love, relationships, and mental health in a brutally honest way – her lyrics are vulnerable but extremely relatable.

About “For Crying Out Loud”, a deeply personal song written after the end of an abusive relationship, Sophie herself says:

“I wrote it during a really toxic relationship where we were arguing all the time; there was so much guilt-tripping and manipulation and after enduring this for so long, your mind starts to wander to the darkest places and I guess this song was the result of that. I’ve always struggled with my mental health so part of me wondered if maybe I was to blame for all of it and maybe I was just really mentally unwell and taking it all out on my partner.”

Abusive relationships and gaslighting are tough, but Sophie found a way to turn it around and heal her pain through music and created something really special. She also told us that she had the lyrics and song finished for almost one year before showing it to anyone because she didn’t think it was any good. It was one of the boys from her band who told her how good this was, and thank God for him.

“In terms of what people should expect from my music?”, Sophie continues, “Think ‘arena-style’ guitars and drums, paired with the passionate vocals of a woman who has suppressed her emotions for far too long…”

The indie world is about to be taken by a storm that goes by the name Sophie Li. This was her proper debut single, and it already showcases such strong emotions beautifully paired with an amazing production that nails her blend of pop and indie rock so perfectly. “For Crying Out Loud” truly is something special coming from a very talented young woman who’s definitely going big soon.


Sophie Li "For Crying Out Loud" press photo
“We recorded it with the amazing Sam Pierpoint at Soundback Studios, which was another game-changer. I’m incredibly thankful to the team of people that have worked on this with me.” Sophie Li

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