Queen Daxene amazing new album “Barnstormer”

British songwriter Alex Denny, AKA Queen Daxene presents his most recent album “Barnstormer”. An incredible collection of tracks pulling inspiration from the 90s / ’00s and even the 70’s Rock. From The Beatles to Blur, this album has it all! Out now!

Barnstormer, tells stories of modern life with a nostalgic and euphoric twist.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we have an amazing new album, one of those which are not seen too often nowadays. This 13-track collection presents a vast and wide plethora of influences from different musical eras. From the songwriting style of the 70s to the explosive and youthful energy of the 90s Brit-pop.

Queen Daxene is Alex Denny’s music project. A London-based musician who has been writing and performing music all his life. Together with drummer Alex Reeves (Elbow/Bat for Lashes/Shania Twain) and Robert Ogden, they’ve created a whimsical and euphoric piece of art.

Overall the music is pretty organic: Pianos, guitars, drums, basses, and vocals inspired by legendary singers such as Paul McCartney and Elliot Smith. The vibe is beautiful, perfect to relax or even to feel inspired by. You will listen to Denny’s musical genius in tracks like Wabi Sabi, Iron Tigers, and Kazuo Ishiguro, the latter being the result of Supertramp making a baby with Flaming Lips. Simply sensational.

Blur vibes are also present in almost every track, especially in “Red Brick Sand” and “Hands On Pumps”. But there’s no shortage of originality as “Barnstormer” delights us with amazing musical compositions, fusing Rock with Jazz, and even little bits of electronica here and there.

The album is such an amazing listen from start to finish, delivering a perfect closure with “Tell Me Straight, Tell Me True”, a soft and intimate track that creates a wonderful sense of nostalgia, as well as deep inspiration. Created between a four-year span (2019-2023) the result of this album is simply extraordinary, and one that deserves a place amongst your playlists. So, listen now!

“Queen Daxene has lingered in the darkness for all of its brief history. With the new album, Barnstormer, we’re hoping to finally emerge blinking into the sunlight.” – Queen Daxene

Queen Daxene "Barnstormer" artwork


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