Albums Reviewed

Broadtree “Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.”

Canadian pop-country duo Broadtree display emotional depth and creativity in their newest album, ‘Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.’.  The story of Broadtree begins when theatre performers Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty are left feeling empty after losing the ability to dedicate themselves to their passion during lockdown. With this new change in their life leaving them… Continue Reading →

Park Haven “Fragile”

Electro-pop duo and married couple Park Haven explore the complexities and entanglements of romance and relationships in their first EP, ‘Fragile’. The husband and wife, based in Sydney, created the duo called Park Haven out of the curiosity they had regarding whether they could merge their very differing musical backgrounds of musical theatre and indie… Continue Reading →

Tom Peregrine “the boy”

Filled with observations on life, descriptions of self-growth and the comfort of nature, Tom Peregrine‘s debut work, the boy, is the much needed sweater-weather, astral folk record that lovers of folk and sentimentalism have been waiting for. More than a debut EP, the boy is an art piece filled with friendship and all the opportunities… Continue Reading →

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