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Only Bodies – “Only Bodies” EP

“Hey there! Thanks for checking out Only Bodies. We hope you’ll go on a journey with our self-titled EP as it explores the difficulties that come with the emotional growing pains inherent to love. Our music aims to balance sincerity and honesty with thoughtfulness and tact. Also, to make you wiggle your booty.” – Only Bodies

V/Terpan- Sun

I believe it is my most mature work so far both lyrically and musically and the one that is the closest to my personal music taste. It was mixed by Massimo Paramour whom I trusted for all my music so far. Those who haven’t listened to my music can always expect a mixture of genres. V/Terpan

Kit Citrine “Midnight Masquerade”

Kit Citrine’s new album “Midnight Masquerade” is an autobiographical release looking into the artist’s life events from the past 2 years. Home to 15 songs and running for 45 minutes, the album covers a variety of highly relevant themes.

The Baker’s Basement “Wild Wild Sheep”

Expect each song to be pretty different. We view each one as its own personality, and we nurture them as such. Every creative decision is all about what will help a given song find its full potential and life. Some are extremely minimal, with just a couple voices and a guitar. Some are a lot more active and in your face, involving more rapid fire lyricism, driving electric guitar and drums – programed textures and percussive effects. And although some of our tunes are purely instrumental, we absolutely love words. To us, words are paint. They allow a listener to touch and feel and see. They are often illustrative and we try to pick out words that make what we’re singing about tangible and conversational. Adam Grindler / The Baker’s Basement

Ann Beretta – “DCxPC Live Presents: Ann Beretta Live, Like A Riot! Live From The Broadberry (Acoustic)”

But for real guys, this album is an absolute delight through and through and it deserves every stream and every share, and every purchase! In case you need one more reason to buy the album: The vinyl is pink and the covers were individually screen printed by Ann Beretta’s singer/guitarist, Rob Huddleston, so no two covers are identical.


“You are welcome to dive into my heavy Latin grooves from rock and reggae to funk and dance.
Get lost in the intersecting sounds. I wrote this new album, ‘Reflexión’ as an antidote to our
recent shared experience of inconceivable isolation. The melodies will lift your internal vibration
towards positive energy,” – Eljuri.

The Connecting Dots “Treasures in the Valley”

Each of the 10 songs have their own part in the whole picture, and none of them copy from one another. Thus, the listener gets to hear long dreamy guitar instrumentals along with Helena’s sweet voice, synth-driven ethereal soundscapes, cozy yet mysterious movie-esque tunes and rocking songs full of driving energy.

The Brouhaha – “The Brouhaha”

“Four of the most wretched, smug and off-putting people you’d ever be sorry to see. These vulgar and vile vermin got together and had the audacity to start a band – bunch of lowlife wasters. They think they’re really good but of course they would. Nobody else should like The Brouhaha but check ’em out and see for yourself.” The Brouhaha

Big in Borneo – “Sertraline”

“Never be scared to ask for help, and don’t be scared to open up. That’s what I want people to take from this EP” – Big in Borneo

Michael Donoghue- Fractals

“Fractals is mainly inspired by my mini obsession with repeating patterns. I’ve got a journal at home where I fill in a few lines for each day of the year over a 5 year period. I’m 4 years into it, and I’ve found that things such as moods, feelings, and even illnesses seem to occur at around the same time every year. I found this quite fascinating and wanted to represent it in some sort of musical way.” Michael Donoghue

Paraphon “Anecdotes of Wired Minds”

“We‘ve recorded the album over the last year in our home studio. We‘ve done everything completely diy from songwriting and production to the design of the artwork and all the music videos for the singles. On the release day we’ll have a release show for the record in our hometown St. Gallen.”

Lewca – “Friday Night Rockstar”

“Friday Night Rockstar” is Lewca’s new upcoming album made with long time collaborator S.O.A.P. both had a hard time thanks to Omicron, and they decided to spend their time creating a full-length album about time passing, personal doubts and demons, abuse and dreams that will never come true. Don’t look so sad, the album is actually super fun!

BEES! – “Bees in Space”

This is an amazing Chip Tune Rock experience filled with hyped rhythms, exciting 8-bit melodies, and lots of dry humor. “Bees In Space” brings new life to the retro arcade world, delivering big explosions of gritty riffs and maniac drum playing. LISTEN NOW! How’s it going ladies and gentlemen? It’s me, MadZen, and today we… Continue Reading →

Motihari Brigade – “Algorithm & Blues”

The album’s cover art features red wine spilling from a shattered glass of elegant stemware, symbolizing the decadent party that is now winding down while a new generation seeks its place in a diminished world. Matahari Brigade

Sharl “City Lights”

There are deep looks into the upsides and failures of relationships and dating, thoughtful and rebellious songs about societal problems experienced as a woman, as well as stories stemming from her experiences connected to her past record label deal, and many more.

Alba James- Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls by Alba James is a short EP with a wide arrange of ideas and emotions. An exploration of intimacy, depression and derealization with a touch of experimentation. Alba James creates a special soundscape that explores, making us think of a physical manifestation of the emotions she explores in the album that takes the shape of a bedroom in our minds, a flow of consciousness rarely seen in music.

Moon and Aries “Break The Matrix (Episode One)”

The duo’s new plan is about as otherworldly – seeking to overcome the Old World, Moon and Aries is set to bring forth the New World, and the first part to come from the process of building that is their new EP “Break The Matrix (Episode One)”.

To Hell With Tradition – Blurred

“For as long as I can remember, there has been this universal force about certain music coming, for example, from the speakers of my parents‘ yellow, old BMW whenever we took a ride and listened to random mixtapes. A force that – if only for a moment, for the duration of a couple of bars – made me feel a soothing oneness with the entire universe and yet a bittersweet ancient longing born out of the knowledge about the general volatileness of this sensation,” Achim Hofmeyer AKA THWT


“This E.P. a prime example of the indie scene here in California from the GARAGE Skate style in Alaska Sucks to the Indie Pop style in Tired Of Trying the music embodies our scene here. The energy I tried to capture from our crazy packed live shows and tried to put it into our recordings!” NOVAK

KOLBAK- To The Teeth

The band explores the issues of communication, the importance and almost impossible desire of communication and smiling at the face of adversity in a playful, yet extremely touching and serious manner by exploring the persona of different characters.

Gillian Rae Perry “Gillgil”

The album, home to 10 songs and running for 40 minutes in total, became the vessel of self-understanding to the point of helping the artist feel like “I loved myself for the first time in my life”. And thus, the release is overall soft as a pile of pillows, but with heavy lyrics, particularly at the beginning where she unravels the hardships of living, not knowing you have a condition as you’re just trying to get started with the day.

Becca Starr “Speak No Evil”

“Overall, Speak No Evil is an exploration through the peaks and troughs of what makes me tick, makes me think and makes me suffer. It’s groovy for a reason, no matter how crazy the world gets, it’s still beautiful. It’s still groovy. And the same should be said for every human life. Accepting the beauty and growth to be gained through adversity and pain, sometimes makes you a happier, healthier and stronger individual and ultimately, of more use and resource to others who may be suffering. Or struggling.” Becca Starr

Fletcher, James – ” All We’re Meant To Do” Album

“The album has ended up as a snapshot of different moments in my life over the past 2 years. I record, produce and mix all of my own music so the album has been a big learning process and I’ve been obsessive about making it as close to my vision as I possibly can.” – Fletcher, James

Hush Bewlay – I’m A Stranger Here Myself

“The name is part homage to David Bowie’s ‘Bewlay Brothers,’ which I often sang as half of an acoustic duo in high school; and part telling myself to ‘hush,’ be quiet, stop saying you’re gonna do it someday and just do it. Releasing something, for me, has been a long time coming.” Hush Bewlay

The Disarmed – “What We Leave” Album

“What we leave is an album about growth, self worth, effort and resilience. It tries to open the listener up to be mindful of their impact on the world and the people around them while also living a life that they can truly be proud of without worrying as much about what others think of them.” The Disarmed

Richard Tyler Epperson- A Wandering Mind

The last main thing was the editing and molding of the songs. I tried to really limit any dead space within the song and have them under 4 mins if I could without losing anything. That was a tough one, but I think when listening to the album everything flows well and doesn’t drag on. I’m very pound of the collection of songs, I think each is unique while the album still maintains that cohesive sound. Richard Tyler Epperson

AA-Legrand “Pacific EP”

AA-Legrand. This name carries two meanings: the letter A marks the beginnings with its placement as the first letter in the Latin Alphabet, and Legrand is the Big Unknown into which we all move in forward. The alias bridges indie folk sounds with soft downtempo electronic influences, forming music where the likes of Bon Iver go hand-in-hand with Apparat and James Blake.


Hannah is ready to let us hear what she’s been crafting in “222”. Let me tell you guys, it’s pretty catchy and explosive, really well produced, and with lots and lots of melodies that will stick into your heads.

Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash- Sand and Foam: Music Inspired by Kahlil Gibran

“Taking as inspiration from the master of timeless wisdom, Khalil Gibran’s illustrious works, especially in current times, I feel that his thoughts are so very relevant. It was something we collectively wanted to execute musically. Literally as Gibran says, ‘solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches; yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the living earth.’ I am so honored to have been a part of this process.” Ayaan Ali Bangash.

Dark Soul Safari – “Running With Scissors” EP

As Adriaan puts it, Dark Soul Safari explores themes of individuals – and humanity itself – on the edge of breakdown. From failed politicians, to global warming, the themes in this EP are an expression of catastrophe somehow neutralized by the soothing musical elements of the tracks. Brilliant!


“Expect to be taken on a sonic journey with “El Peyote” Experience the rush from high energy tracks like “Foot to the Floor” burning down the desert highway then unwind with mellow psychedelic jams like “Celestial Illusions” a song inspired by watching the sun set over the scrublands in Oaxaca.” El Peyote

Jackson Vincent “Normal Tension” EP

“Normal Tension is the result of two real-world relationships ending simultaneously. As I watched two of my closest friends begin to slip away from my life, this record began to form. Normal Tension serves as a continuation of the story presented in my last EP, Foxtrot. While Foxtrot discussed the hardships of love and ended with a sense of hope for the future, Normal Tension details the beginning of life after love was lost. Loosely based on events in my personal life, the world of the narrator of these two EPs became an outlet for me to escape reality for a moment in time.” Jackson Vincent

Michael Kiel Cash- Shores of Mercy

“Dear one! I have no answer, but I believe in your listening. Forget
these little pieces, you are the song! You know where to drop the needle; the record of the heart is turning.” Michael Kiel Cash


I wanna make special mention of opening/closing tracks “Future Dinosaurs” and “Future Dinosaurs (reprise)”, as their acoustic style and short duration very much remind me of Pink Floyd’s album “Animals”, and I believe that to be a very nice touch. Also, honorable mention to the track “I Fear God (is leaving tonight)”, as its tribal drums-extravaganza mixed with female chants also brings me back to Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon”! Madzen

Izamanya – Next

We’re glad to announce that Luzern, Switzerland-based rock band Izamanya have released a new EP, entitled Next.  Izamanya is fronted by Iza Loosli, the lead singer whose expressive female voice gives the band a distinctive sound. Iza has also been the lead singer, songwriter, and producer in different bands as well, including other rock and… Continue Reading →

Dime Store Hustlers – “Ground & Pound” (EP)

“If you like high-power Rock & Roll that jumps from your speakers, then Dime Store Hustlers is for you. Heavy riffs, cranked guitars, pounding rhythm section, fist-pumping good-times that are best enjoyed at maximum volume”. Dime Store Hustlers

Voodoo Bloo – “The Blessed Ghost”

“For all intents and purposes, I am The Blessed Ghost, or more importantly was The Blessed Ghost, a true mirror image of not only everything I disliked about myself, but a guide as to how I can better myself every day of my life, for as long as I can hear this album, I will be glad in knowing that I have come so far and done so much.” Rory / Voodoo Bloo

Weed N’ Stiff – “Ron” (Album)

Weed N’ Stiff’s sound is very retro-based. I’m talking about big 80’s drums, cool & crunchy guitar riffs, solid bass, and of course, bright synth leads. An interesting fact about Weed N Stiff’s lyrics is that Jim makes up everything on the spot, the only track Jim actually wrote lyrics for is “Roll With The”, other than that, pure improvisation man!


Using a DIY approach to his craft, Shredder makes use of vintage sounds such like synths, 808 drumbeats, and an 80’s sound that’s both fresh and surrounding. Keeping it minimal, he uses just a few instruments and a single laptop. His goal is to translate his musical adventures and to show that you don’t need a big studio to make music that you love.

Abisso- Son Of Abyss

Son Of Abyss is a project with intimate elements and aspects. Among other things, we would like people to grasp the beauty and importance of remembering themselves, imbued with the entire emotional spectrum that they often carry like a bundle that doesn’t belong to them. However, since everyone’s perception and processing differs, everyone will interpret in their own way what they observe, listen and feel. -Abisso

Red Skies Mourning- Red Skies Mourning

After the release of various singles during the year, Red Skies Mourning has released his eponymous debut album. Red Skies Mourning features all of his previous singles alongside three new brand new tracks full of synth pop atmospheric soundscapes that evolve and transform from track to track, with a powerful sound that swiftly lifts up the listener of the ground and makes them fly away to distant places.


“A long creative process has seen us change our approach to songwriting and what boundaries we could push compared to our previous efforts. It became quite clear that we didn’t want to write standard structured songs all of the time and instead explore some different ground. We feel that not only have we managed to include our style of music within the record, but that we have evolved it.” – BlimeyOhRiley

James & Paul- Tabula Rasa

A few of the songs on this album are reworking from tracks that didn’t make it on the first album. Skyscraper Highs for example was a slow ballad that we speeded up to the much rockier version. As regards our songs generally we have enough ideas for another 2 albums and have plans to start recording our third album soon. We are also constantly writing new material. This is a bit frustrating as we would be in the studio all the time if we had the time and money to do this. We will continue to record songs with different musical styles and make more videos when we get time. -James & Paul

Tough On Fridays – “Overboard!”

Tough On Fridays returns with all their anthemic power and empowering vocals in their brand new three-track EP! “Overboard!” is an outstanding interaction of Grunge, Alternative Rock and Pop, blasting away with overflowing amounts of energy and first-class lyricism. LISTEN NOW!


Brand new video release today (June 29th) for the last track “Valley” the neo-psyche stoner-punk closing track off the award winning EP, SMOKED it’s very good reason to watch it here and also take a look to this article presented last year, enjoy it!!!

SBR Bone and Star – Tidal

Dark, sexy, immersive music to get lost inside of on a summer night. With a distinct 80’s feel, it will hopefully give some of you a haunting and familiar feel, whilst also being edgy, sparkly and brand new! -SBR Bone and Star

Hyooman – “Pilot”

“This album is our “pilot” so to speak – since this is our debut album. Pilot covers a variety of themes we experience in modern day: frustrations with social media, existential dread, finding yourself in an age of mass information and algorithms, capitalism, introspection, and nostalgia.” – HYOOMAN


“Two Magic Symphonies is our first album consisting of 8 songs plus a bonus track. We have released 6 singles already, therefore the album release brings 2 new songs (+bonus) to the listeners. A meeting point between 2 different cultures, 2 different continents. Upbeat but mellow. Nostalgic but hopeful. Arrogant but sweet. Sweet arrogance. Real but mystical. Magic reality.” – Kingfisher

Audri- Mechanic High

The concept of the album is about retaining happiness and recalling those times we were happy and creating even more for us to remember on the future. Audri captures this sensation of playful joy on a music level and lyrical level through storytelling techniques that place us on a certain time-space.


“This mixtape is exactly what hip hop needs nowadays with all these weak rappers and all the beats sounding the same. I connected with some artists around the world to make this project and it gives you that nice 90s boombap hip hop vibe.”

Mr Sunshine

Snakedoctors – Four And A Half

Both the new wave/dark wave/post-punk inspired Side A and grunge inspired Side B of Four And A Half once again showcase Snakedoctors’ penchant for crafting memorable and enjoyable indie tracks. And at the same time that Snakedoctors evoke such eclectic musical styles through their impressive songwriting, their output remains nonetheless unique, bringing a fresh perspective to listeners.

Ophelia’s Eye – Hopeless World

Hopeless World is quite an impressive debut album for Ophelia’s Eye; even as they tackle serious lyrical themes, their music remains consistently engaging and enjoyable from the beginning of the album to its end. The band’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship once again shine on their debut album, bringing a uniquely heavy and melodic sound that fans of subgenres such as death metal and metalcore alike will undoubtedly be glad to discover.

Vehicles – “Belief In Habits”

The VEHICLES sound is cinematic yet simple, dark yet hopeful. The guitars sing while keyboards change moods atop the bass and drums banging a thick foundation of bump. The vocals soar and rest like a flock of cranes in migration flight.

Lockdown Co. – End of Chapter

End of Chapter abounds with a vast array of musical influences, showcasing Lockdown Co.’s penchant for crafting brilliant instrumental music that is highly enjoyable and engaging. While drawing from genres such as progressive metal and hard rock, End of Chapter nonetheless finds its strengths in sounding completely original, as this impressive up-and-coming duo bring exciting new sounds to fans of many different musical styles.

C-Beem – Tales From Tono

‘Tales From Tono’ came to me as a kind of projection from my previous EP ‘C-Beem And The Winter Thickets’. I wanted to capture a magical, folkish feel to a new project but in a different context and with a different sound. I live in an island country full of myth and legend, and I wondered what equivalents there might be in Japan, because it’s been said that Japan is like the British Isles of the East – a parallel country which has always fascinated me, though I’ve never been there. C-Beem

Damn Renegades – Excelsior (EP)

With EP we went with a very dystopic kind of theme and backstory. If you look closely at the album artwork, each song is thoroughly represented! Damn Renegades


“I’m pulling from a wide variety of music in terms of inspiration, so keeping it simple is actually harder than it seems. It’s genuinely hard for me to write songs that I can’t find myself playing over and over again with the same passion I had the first few times I wrote and played it. So over complicating things only makes that worse in the long run. I like keeping songs to small enough doses of the memories and feelings that come as fast as they go”. Sergio Napoletano

Electric High – Walls Fall Down

Walls Fall Down is a very impressive EP, highlighting not only the brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship of Electric High, but also their incredible musical versatility. While Electric High’s sound is generally rooted in hard rock influences, each track on Walls Fall Down succeeds in exploring a unique sound that reveals the wide scope of their music inspirations, demonstrating the band’s penchant for crafting amazing rock songs that continue to break new ground.

Jacob Rountree- As I See It

“The album title is a mixture of my engineering and musical sides as well as a summary of the fact that this album is much more of a coming to age album then my last. It presents songs of self awareness and clarity such as “Definitions”” Jacob Rountree


“We all long for love that is unconditional, a state of being all our own. We strive to understand who we are, the face behind the masquerade we’ve always shown. We long to be ourselves but being wanted is a stronger drug. We pretend in order to be liked, tucked into our façade so snug. There comes a time we must awaken and shake off the dust. It’s time we listened to our spirit, IN A DARK HEART WE TRUST.” – Pressure

Grant Borland “Fragments EP”

“I was really inspired by composers such as Nils Frahm and Hania Rani. Both composers give so much life to the piano, and it’s taught me to listen to piano music much differently. I think some of that influence can be heard on some tracks on this EP, but it’s also very much authentic to my own sound too. I have a background in writing cinematic music for advertisements, trailers, commercials, etc…., so I think there is that undertone that probably separates my work from others. While this album feels experimental, I’ve been told my close friends and family that it also sounds like something that could be part of a movie score as well.” Grant Borland

Michael Donoghue “Calm Palm EP”

“Last year I hit a bit of a creative wall where I was struggling to find inspiration and fresh ideas. There are some palm trees at the bottom of my garden that I see everyday, so I sat in my studio space one morning and decided to just start composing a track about the palm trees. Calm Palm is the result, and a purple patch of creativity followed suit. Michael Donoghue

The Chemistry Set – Pink Felt Trip

Considering The Chemistry Set’s veteran presence and cult status in the psychedelic rock scene, it comes as no surprise that the album marking their 35th anniversary is a highly enjoyable and thoroughly impressive work.

MY BABY “sake sake sake”

sake sake sake, their latest studio release, is at its core about innovation; with their constantly evolving sound and presenting themes of our possible future and everything it encapsulates, as well as society’s refusal to change until it’s too late, the trio has taken it upon themselves to speak about the threats our world is facing, while still bringing forth spirited and groovy melodies.

A. B. Violet – “EQUINOX”

All my tracks are a little insight into my story and mental health matters. Music inspires me, generally: I think it can be so powerful, but it’s more about what motivates me, rather than inspires. I always hope that with each track, someone can relate in some way, feel like they’re not alone, that their story matters and are encouraged to speak out. EQUINOX is more upbeat than some of my other studio releases, but it’s just another way of framing these important issues. The more positive frame is symbolic of the spring equinox and how it’s spiritually associated with hope and new beginnings- I think that starts with speaking out, reaching out for help. A.B. Violet


“This EP has really captured our live, at times imperfect sound. We know we could have found a polished vocalist and spent time on overdubs, but then it wouldn’t be a Driving South EP” – Jürgen Joarder

Great Value Jesus – Disassociation Nation

As Great Value Jesus’s unique blend of musical styles (such as indie-, alternative-, and psychedelic rock) evolves throughout Disassociation Nation along with the record’s evocative lyrics, where you begin in the EP is not where you end emotionally; indeed, Disassociation Nation succeeds brilliantly in taking listeners on a compelling and engaging journey.

Krys Blank – Big City

Big City experiments with various sounds, genres, and moods to make us feel as if we were traveling through a city and its vistas writing down everything we see. The EP is an atmospheric journey that invites us to “become one with the city”. I

Cooper Chasse “Sour Sides of a Coin”

“The meaning of each song was validated the more the project came together. The EP as a whole speaks a narrative of what one can do in the aftermath of difficult times, that no matter hard things get we will make it through alright and come out with many lessons learned. 

CHAR “Simpler Times”

“Though,” as CHAR once said, “we know the meaning of ‘simple’ is relative and perhaps paradoxical in itself because whilst things may have been easier in retrospect,” 

Norrisette “Future Dream”

I’ve used very different production techniques for each track as I want them to sound like their element – Hydra sounds like water, Old Name is nostalgic like our connection with nature, Bone Forest has airy vocals, Prometheus is provocative and catching like fire. Norrisette

The Routine – “Under the circumstances”

“‘Too Many Times’ was essentially born out having an anger and frustration from being stuck in a dead-end situation for a long time. I guess there was also a feeling at the time of conception, there was also a lack of open avenues to openly express how I was feeling towards both individuals and the overall situation.” The Routine

Emma Hunter “Here I Go” EP

Even when you’re feeling the lowest, Emma Hunter’s music will make you forget about the troubles and invite into a world most immersive. Life at its visceral levels intertwined with dramatic elegance and a lot of depth.

Mark Elliott Driver – “Alas EP”

Mark dedicates this songs to his father, who sadly passed away during the time Mark was working on the EP. “My father was the reason for me to want to play guitar at 8 years old, and still is. I wanted to tell him that the song “Alas” is named like that because his name was Alan… and now he flies too.” – Mark Elliot.

Broadtree “Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.”

Canadian pop-country duo Broadtree display emotional depth and creativity in their newest album, ‘Feeling Bad. Feeling Better.’.  The story of Broadtree begins when theatre performers Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty are left feeling empty after losing the ability to dedicate themselves to their passion during lockdown. With this new change in their life leaving them… Continue Reading →

Park Haven “Fragile”

Electro-pop duo and married couple Park Haven explore the complexities and entanglements of romance and relationships in their first EP, ‘Fragile’. The husband and wife, based in Sydney, created the duo called Park Haven out of the curiosity they had regarding whether they could merge their very differing musical backgrounds of musical theatre and indie… Continue Reading →

Lewca – Walking The Hedgehog EP

Lewca’s new EP is, in some ways – like listening to someone reading extracts from their personal diary. It’s messy, it’s ugly, it’s honest and it’s brazen. But we are going to keep listening – anyone who can make real life, everyday and the mundane this assertive and lively deserves our time and attention.

Norrisette – “Paper”

‘Paper’ is about grief, loss and travelling into the second dimension to be with a loved one who lives on in paper and words that they wrote. We can hear this more clearly in “Ink”, here Norrisette’s feelings really transpire through as she speaks to her loved one and asks him to find her. It demands to you be taken away to anywhere else, except the present time.

Tom Peregrine “the boy”

Filled with observations on life, descriptions of self-growth and the comfort of nature, Tom Peregrine‘s debut work, the boy, is the much needed sweater-weather, astral folk record that lovers of folk and sentimentalism have been waiting for. More than a debut EP, the boy is an art piece filled with friendship and all the opportunities… Continue Reading →

The Connecting Dots – “Oblivious Beat”

I think “wonderful” is the right adjective to describe what these two-piece band from Sweden have just accomplished in such a little amount of time. The Connecting Dots‘ debut album, Oblivious Beat is a true work of art, seamlessly united though and through; a world of its own created from night and neon bright lights…. Continue Reading →

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