NYRE shatters the pain of a bad relationship in new single “Glitter with a Vengeance”

NYRE brings out the big guns in the newest single “Glitter with a Vengeance” expressing the anger and disappointment for the pain caused by the then-significant other. But more importantly, the song strikes with a strong message of self-appreciation and healing. “Glitter with a Vengeance” is a battle cry of a song for those currently in the shreds of a badly ended relationship looking for a reason to continue their search for a better tomorrow.



“Glitter with a Vengeance” is the newest song coming from NYRE, a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been making her name in the local dark pop scene with her strong empowering sound and equally meaningful lyrics. Love, loss, navigating the turmoil of emotions, and self-discovery are some of the themes the artist loves to dissect in her music. Combine that with the rocking dark pop sound and you’ll probably understand why NYRE is as captivating as she is.

NYRE press photo "Glitter With A Vengeance"

Love and loss are part of the new single as well, which its core is a song of post-breakup time with a lot of pieces to recollect. “Glitter with a Vengeance” is about reinforcing your self-worth and realizing how toxic the whole thing actually was. No time for regrets here though – this single stomps on with moody rock guitar riffs and hot fierce vocals. The tune was co-written with a producer called Created by Atom, and the excitement was compounded by the fact it was the first time NYRE had co-written music with anyone. That’s just one of a bunch of fun stories that happened around this song, as NYRE shared with us:

“Glitter with a Vengeance began with the “Cause now, I reminisce over scars from you / And now, I hate the taste of what you put me through” pre-chorus idea that was originally a part of a much sadder, ballad type track I had written around the first half of. However, when I went in for a writing session with producer Created by Atom and his writing partner Dallas Rodin, Dallas mentioned that she really liked what I had going for this demo. So, we decided to create something entirely new using those lines and GWAV came to be 🙂

Another fun memory from the GWAV era was shooting for the cover art, where my photographer friend Hannah Chang and I filled my apartment’s bathtub with water, milk and LOADS of biodegradable craft glitter in different colours, shapes and sizes to create an ethereal but fierce with the RGB lights, shimmery bath shoot.”


“Glitter with a Vengeance” is out now. LISTEN NOW!


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