Shockpowder’s Powerful New single “Evergreen Solace”

Shockpowder has to be one of the most unique artists I’ve come across lately. We’ve covered the Aylesbury based artist a couple times here on the LT1KF blog before, and I am excited to review his latest single, “Evergreen Solace.”

Shockpowder’s sound has been described as “metalgazing” in other articles, as a way of describing his heavier-than-average brand of shoegaze. Naturally, that sentiment alone was enough pique my interest in this project. And indeed, with this latest single, Shockpowder embodies that vibe to a tee. I think it’s due time to coin that phrase. That is one defining thing that makes his music unique. You don’t come across artists every day that do what they do so well that they could arguably be a new genre in and of themselves. Ready to give it a spin? Bandcamper Alert! The track is available to support on Bandcamp:


Shockpowder himself describes the tune as “jubilant” yet “sorrowful,” and I definitely pick up on that as I listen to the track. The production is mellow and dreamy, yet powerful and progressive. The push and pull of “quiet to loud, loud to quiet” guitar work is a formula used in so much of my personally favorite music. And in that sense, while “metalgaze” is a concept “new-to-me,” the dynamics behind the way this artist writes arrangements calls back some to some of my favorite music from the past as well.

Shockpowder press photo "Evergreen Solace"


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I hear an influence of the legendary band Failure embedded in the writing, personally. He has cited influence from bands like God is an Astronaut, Alcest, and Slowdive as well. And I would wholeheartedly stamp an endorsement of the notion that if you are into any of those aforementioned bands, you are going to find value in Shockpowder’s work, as well as find yourself immersed in this artist’s sound.

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