Club Majo new single “Dancing With Myself” (Billy Idol Cover)

Club Majo’s electrifying new cover single “Dancing With Myself” is a modern re-imagination of Billy Idol’s timeless classic. A synth-pop production blends with uplifting rhythms and feel-good melodies.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we will prepare for the arrival of this exciting new cover filled with upbeat grooves and dazzling synth lines. Created by the American artist, Enya Lake, this track shines a new light on the beloved classic, giving it a smooth vibe and a futuristic twist. Let’s get to it!

CLUB MAJO was spawned during the 2020 lockdowns as a way to express emotions sonically.

Club Majo is the musical child of Enya Lake, a producer from Fallbrook, California. She does an amazing job with synths and, living in a tiny house painted green at the edge of a pond, she makes the most out of what she has to work with. Fun fact: her studio actually used to be a goat barn! She and Dave (her keyboard) create hypnotizing synths, glittery grooves, and intoxicating vocals. She finds inspiration in David Bowie’s eyeshadow in Life on Mars, 808 drum machines, and glitter

The single will also come with a music video on release day.


“Dancing With Myself” delivers a warm vibe of soft, lush synths and pads, dancing on the top of a powerful drum beat and a groovy bass. Her vocals pull us ever closer as the magnetic field of the track urges us to dance. If the track had a color, I think it might be pink with light shades of blue, creating a beautiful landscape of retro-meets-modern energies.

“The idea was I wanted to see how some of my favorite 80’s guitar heavy songs could be redone with synths only. I love Billy Idol and this song always puts me in a good mood so I had a lot of fun with it.”

Club Majo

Without a doubt a very exciting cover, making us fall in love with both Club Majo and Dave. The beat hits with an ecstatic embrace, and we answer its call as it begs us to move our bodies.

Out Now!

“Dancing With Myself”

by Club Majo

“Like figuring out the little guitar solo from the middle of song and redoing with only weird synth sounds. Or trying to scream like Billy does and realizing I definitely haven’t learned how to ‘scream’ properly without destroying my throat, haha.”

Club Majo

Club Majo press photo "Dancing With Myself"
“Right now I’m working on my first EP so I’m super excited to release that next.”


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