Engraved new single “Deadline”

Released on June 1st the brand new single by the New South Wales Metalcore band Engraved. Carrying forward a raucous momentum from their last single, “Wake Up,” the band returns once again to get the pit moving with a new track titled “Deadline.”

Since their dropping their debut EP “Unleashed” last year, the release has amassed over 40k streams worldwide and landed them a cover spot on Heavy Magazine (performing at the publication’s 10th year anniversary shows in Sydney and Melbourne). The band has effectively “ENGRAVED” themselves as prolific up-and-comers in Australia’s heavy music scene. (Nice, you see what I did there right?) “Deadline” was released on June 1st and is accompanied by a corresponding Music Video debut.


I’ve had the wonderful privilege of hearing the single early, and without a doubt, I will tell you it’s a pit mover primed with hellacious breakdowns, false chord screams, and pulsating double bass. Just over five minutes in length, it is a soup dejour of all things audiences go to Metalcore shows for. A real crowd-pleaser.

The band specifically cites some of my favorite first-decade 2000s Metal bands as influences: Trivium, Parkway Drive, Killswitch, and Slipknot. Upon hearing it I would also honorably mention that their sound at times reminds me of bands like Lamb of God (vocally in particular) and Unearth too. And I would certainly say that Engraved is a mighty fine recommendation for listeners with a palate for any of those aforementioned bands.

Engraved press photo "Deadline"

Engraved is:

  • Julio Criscolo (vocals)
  • Daniel Varvarian (guitar)
  • Andy Duschek (guitar + backing vocals)
  • Jake Griffiths (drums + backing vocals)
  • Phil Capewell (bass)

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