Rockethead’s “Crash Test” Delivers Classic Hard Rock Power

Rockethead, a hard rock band hailing from Paris, consisting of Hélio Rundstadler on vocals and backing vocals, Enguérand Tamagna on lead guitar, Dewez on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Laurent Lucchini on bass and backing vocals, and Big Love on drums and harmonica, has unleashed their latest EP titled “Crash Test,” and it’s a true testament to the timeless energy and power of classic hard rock.



Comprising five talented members, this French band brings forth a sound reminiscent of legendary acts like AC/DC, capturing the essence of the genre with their rasped powerful vocals and hard-hitting instrumentals.

“Crash Test” consists of four tracks that run for approximately 19 minutes, packing a punch from start to finish. The EP opens with “Nightbitch (At The Door),” where a nice catchy riff in the intro, courtesy of Enguérand Tamagna’s lead guitar, sets the stage for what’s to come.

The crunchy guitar overdriven tone adds to the track’s intensity, while Big Love’s precise drumming and harmonica, along with Laurent Lucchini’s solid bass work, create a foundation of hard-hitting rhythm.

Hélio Rundstadler’s vocals soar above the instrumentation, delivering a powerful performance. This song is full of hard rock goodness, delivering a super groovy experience. The mid-section bridge’s shift to a standard electric blues rhythm and structure adds a dynamic touch, showcasing the band’s versatility.

“Old School, Baby” kicks in with powerful drum hits from Big Love and a headbanging riff delivered by Dewez’s rhythm guitar, that would make Angus and Malcolm Young proud. The bass work of Laurent Lucchini adds depth and heaviness to the track. Enguérand Tamagna’s lead guitar is nothing short of amazing. Hélio Rundstadler’s vocals rasped and snarled, evoke a sense of raw power. This track is a standout, epitomizing the spirit of classic hard rock.

Taking a different turn, “Too High” presents an acoustic rock ballad sound. Departing from the rock ‘n roll power, Rockethead showcases their versatility in this emotional acoustic power ballad. Hélio Rundstadler’s vocals shine through with high emotions, while the band delivers a heartfelt performance that showcases their ability to transition between different musical styles.

Closing off the EP is “WE ARE!,” a track that opens with an intriguing clean riff and a lead lick from Enguérand Tamagna’s guitar, establishing a banging outro. The band then catapults the listener into a frenzy of powerhouse riffing madness. The infectious groove accompanying the chaos, driven by Dewez’s rhythm guitar and the solid rhythm section, makes this number truly compelling. Hélio Rundstadler’s vocals add an extra layer of intensity, creating a captivating blend of heavy madness.

“Crash Test” is expertly produced by Rockethead themselves, and the EP’s mixing is handled by Mannaz Records. The EP encapsulates the true essence of classic hard rock, showcasing the band’s skill and passion for the genre. Rockethead’s collective talent, with each member making significant contributions, shines through each track, making this a must-listen for any fan of hard rock music.


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