Rachel Davie Lee’s heartfelt single “Found My Way Here”

The British singer-songwriter Rachel Davie Lee has just recently released her newest single “Found My Way Here”. As one of Rachel’s most personal songs to date, this expressive, soulful, and introspective ballad reminisces on the artist’s path to where she is now, with all the doubts and moments of light.


Released as a part of a compilation record “Connexion” on which Rachel Davie Lee is one of the 6 featured international artists, “Found My Way Here” shows the artist’s gentler musical side. She’s been working together with a pianist and producer Brent Hoyte for the past few releases as well as the new single, on which Hoyte plays the piano. The single was originally planned to be a delicate rnb tune with a gentle atmosphere and beats, but in the end, it developed into a beautiful little piano ballad, which fits the emotional lyrics even better.

Rachel Davie Lee press photo "Found My Way Here"

“Following the release of my EP in 2021 Barely Concealed, which had a very commercial sound I was keen to release songs that had been floating as ideas for some time and which demonstrated my lyrical and vocal creativity more freely. Found My Way Here is a very personal song, expressing the journey I have been on over the past few years with change of location, homesickness, relationships, wondering if I’ve always made the right decisions, but also feeling very grateful for the present and positive for the future.”

Rachel Davie Lee

Reflecting on the present, past, and future, the gentle piano ballad unravels the complex nature of nostalgia and regrets of the past. Diary-like lyrics with great depth are sung by a tender yet powerful voice full of mature wisdom. Even as a very personal inward-gazing song, it makes listeners with similar inner struggles feel at ease about their journey. Her distinct deep voice is also a joy to listen to, and somehow the artist feels like a friend telling her own story through this song to inspire people around her.

“I plan to release more singles over the coming year and each will express my musical versatility intended to reach as wide an audience as possible. For ages I have been planning on doing a music video especially for my most popular song to date (Love Is In The Air) but bigger projects will need to wait until 2024!”

Rachel Davie Lee

Listen to “Found My Way Here” now!


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