“When Sunshine Departs”: The Tiger Moths Deliver an Impeccable Retro Indie Rock Debut Album

With their upcoming debut album, “When Sunshine Departs,” The Tiger Moths, the five-piece indie rock band from London with Americana influences manage to make a mark. The record offers a unique viewpoint on the Americana genre by taking influence from the folk-rock and country-rock cultures of the late ’60s and early ’70s. It has alt-country guitar lines, jazz-infused piano melodies, and a thundering rhythm section.


Recorded at the band’s home studio in North London, the album pays homage to the roots of their musical inspiration. By incorporating vintage gear such as the ’72 Fender Bassman and Marshall JCM800 Lead Series, ’77 Fender P bass, ’77 Fender Stratocaster, and ’74 Fender Telecaster, alongside Rhodes and Wurlitzer keyboards from the ’70s, The Tiger Moths have achieved an impeccable and timeless sound.

The album’s songs were predominantly written during the pandemic, reflecting the challenging times in which they were created. The standout track, “Dreaming of Yesterday,” captures the essence of the era with its classic retro rock sound, steady beat, and harmonica and organ riffs. The vocals possess the raw delivery reminiscent of early ’60s rock, invoking the spirit of iconic bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Yardbirds. With its clean rhythm, fuzzy leads on telecasters, and bouncy bass line, this track transports listeners back to the earliest sounds of ’60s British rock.

Other tracks, such as “Lost in the Rain,” showcase the band’s ability to create a great syncopated groove with an impeccable bass line, complemented by the organ that perfectly accentuates the rhythm. “Feel It Burn” presents a catchy indie rock riff with a retro feel, while “House Of Glass” infuses a tinge of Latin rock influence, adding a fresh dimension to the album’s overall sound.

The album also features impressive guitar solos, exemplified in “Gave Up Too Much Of My Soul,” where the band’s talent shines through. The title track, “When Sunshine Departs,” delivers a happy rock song despite its poignant lyrics, enhanced by fantastic harmonica licks. “The Wind In Your Sails” takes a serene turn, offering a soft rock ballad enriched by clean guitars and subdued vocal harmonies.

Throughout the album, tracks like “You Really Don’t Know” showcase the band’s mastery of solid riffs, tight drums, and a banging sound, while “Fool For Your Love” presents a captivating rock ballad featuring delightful piano and guitar lines. Finally, “Underneath The Line,” a reworked gem from 2005, demonstrates the band’s growth with an epic, extended drum solo that leaves a lasting impression.

The Tiger Moths have crafted an impressive debut, solidifying their place with their fresh take on indie rock rooted in rock tradition. With their exceptional musicianship and knack for songwriting, The Tiger Moths are undoubtedly a band to watch as they continue to make waves in the music world. The album releases on June 16th, do not miss this one!

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