The Magic Epic “36”

"36" is a stunner of a debut album coming with 10 songs full of heartfelt feelings - it even "Starts with a Feeling", and the whole journey lasts for 36 minutes. Loaded with epic blasts of guitar riffs, soul-transcending vocal performances and warm, sometimes echoing soundscapes, the album makes a perfect companion to take to your own journeys.

Filiah “For Someone”

The album's atmospheric and endearing sound was born in lockdown, when Filiah recorded its songs in her living room. Alone, accompanied only by mundane things like the creaky parquet and gas heater, the 7 songs are united by their story, which stems from a toxic relationship the artist's past. "For Someone" is a concept album telling a tale of a spirited person, vulnerable and honest, depicting her journey of healing from being quite literally ghosted by a loved person.

Ellery Twining “Revenge”

"Revenge", released on January 17th, is an acoustic rock album housing 9 songs. The release strikes with an easy and rather stripped-back feel, especially in the first song "A Month of Sundays", which begins with acoustic guitar and his mostly spoken vocals, speaking about a divorce through the eyes of a child. The honest, curious and confused thoughts have been put into lyrics in such an endearingly simple way, whilst also making sure to hit straight in the feels.

Luchi “Alien Girl”

"Alien Girl is a collection of songs I wrote in the three years I have been living in London. Initially written on the piano in my room, they were then arranged with a group of exceptional musicians which helped me create the sonic atmosphere you can hear in the record now. It's a story about love, roots and community. A combination of the past, the present and the future. Luchi


"Everything really came together over quarantine. I never thought I’d ever make music of my own, but being in a place where I had nowhere to go and nothing to do, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. Using the friends I had around me and a lot of YouTube, I began to teach myself how to use Ableton live, eventually learning how to track all live instruments and do the entire process from recording to mastering." - Josh Herren

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