CMON CMON’s Debut Album ‘The Crack And The Light’ Is A Fresh Alt Rock Masterpiece

Belgian alt-rock band CMON CMON has burst onto the music scene with their highly anticipated debut album, “The Crack And The Light.” Produced by the acclaimed Alex Newport, this record showcases the immense talent and captivating sound of the trio, consisting of singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Jorrit Hermans, bassist Steven Omblets, and drummer Michel Becx. Formed in 2019, these musicians bring two decades of experience and a wealth of storytelling prowess to their music.


From the opening track, “Say What It Means,” it’s evident that CMON CMON is here to make its mark with a fresh sound. The ethereal guitars create a heavenly ambiance, intertwining with the jangling rhythm and clean melodies that exude a joyous and feel-good energy. The album’s sound is reminiscent of influential bands like REM and Tom Petty, with hints of early U2, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and a touch of the Smashing Pumpkins.

“The Crack And The Light” is an album of true stories, as Jorrit Hermans explains. While these stories often explore dark and twisted themes, they are all united by a thread of hope—represented by the crack and the light. Each track is meticulously crafted, featuring beautiful guitar tones, astute drumming, and the signature jangly sound that defines CMON CMON’s style.

Tracks like “My Heroes” and “The Summers We Missed” showcase the band’s ability to combine steady beats, memorable riffs, and stunning vocal harmonies. The latter, in particular, with its lush harmonies and nostalgic nods to the Lemonheads, captures the essence of the act’s laid-back spirit and their tales of life experience.


Throughout the album, the band explores a range of emotions and experiences. From the groovy and bluesy “Black Holes” to the phenomenal vocal harmonies of “Sundays” and the deceptively breezy “Way Down,” the band proves their versatility and songwriting prowess. “Waiting” stands out as one of the album’s highlights, with its phenomenal riff work and high-powered drumming, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

The lyrics delve deep into personal memories and melancholy, capturing the essence of fleeting moments. Tracks like “Nothing On The Radio” and “I Don’t Know” resonate with their poignant and introspective themes. The album concludes with “New Orleans,” a haunting song that takes the listener back to a childhood summer night, blending elements of thunderstorms and emotional turmoil.


“The Crack And The Light” is a magical album that showcases the band’s fresh and fully rounded sound. The jangly rhythm guitars, astute drums, dense vocal harmonies, and incredible songwriting create an immersive experience. This debut record solidifies CMON CMON’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the alt-rock genre. Prepare to be captivated by the crack and the light emanating from this exceptional musical journey.

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