Aza Brown summery new single “Wasting Away”

Chesterfield Solo Artist Aza Brown returns with a joie de vivre tune in “Wasting Away”. An upbeat, feel-good hit of the summer that will leave you humming and dancing in no time.

Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we will prepare to feel joy, and alive, with this brand new single hitting the shelves in no time. Aza Brown likes to sing his heart out and fill his music with stories, delivering a warm embrace to anyone who listens.

After a 9-day tour here in my natal Mexico, Aza fell in love with its culture, its beaches, and its incredible food. Of course, he did! And after feeling the warm touch of its Latin vibe, the Indie artist decided to share some of that “Latino sunshine” through a song.

The result is “Wasting Away” a track that tries to emulate that uplifting vibe of having a good time in the Mexican culture. Jumpy, playful, and with an almost innocent spirit, the track transmits a joyful energy that sticks with you throughout the day. With varied instrumentation inspired by bands like The Stone Roses and The Verve, Aza created a playground in which any listener can see themselves playing, feeling the warm kiss of the sun, and breathing the salty air of the blue beach.

So, Listen now!

Aza Brown "Wasting Away" press photo


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