Cmon Cmon, The Qwarks & Herbie Flowers, Laurelight, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 25, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give the a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is for Cmon Cmon’s debut album “The Crack and the Light”, The Qwarks team up with living legend Herbie Flowers to deliver “The Tuba: Herbielife” and the debut EP by Laurelight “The Tunnel”.

Cmon Cmon "The Crack and the Light" artwork

I appreciate you for showing some love to these artists, streaming these albums is a really cool way to help this artist, remember to give them a follow, a + (Spotify), and a heart (social media), you might already know it but I have to say it: you rock! Waste no more time and let’s get to it!



1.- Belgian alt-rock band CMON CMON has burst onto the music scene with their highly anticipated debut album, “The Crack And The Light.” Produced by the acclaimed Alex Newport, this record showcases the immense talent and captivating sound of the trio, consisting of singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Jorrit Hermans, bassist Steven Omblets, and drummer Michel Becx. Formed in 2019, these musicians bring two decades of experience and a wealth of storytelling prowess to their music. You can keep reading our review here.

2.- Brighton-based psychedelic rock trio The Qwarks have teamed up with the legendary bassist and tuba player Herbie Flowers, known for his work with T. Rex, Elton John, David Bowie, and Paul McCartney, to create their latest EP titled ‘The Tuba: Herbielife.’ This experimental collaboration takes listeners on a mind-bending journey through dissonant chords, delayed vocals, and eclectic melodies, resulting in a truly avant-garde musical experience. You can read our review here.

3.- “I’m in the Tunnel, I don’t know if I get out.” This is a line from Laurelight’s new song “The Tunnel”, which is part of the upcoming eponymous EP released on June 23rd. This energy-driven song is the embodiment of a seemingly endless road you have ended up on. It’s a Tunnel, with no options to turn off this path and all you have to do is keep going. You can keep reading our review here.

4.- Great Park Avenue “Limitless Prolific Divineness” Few Swedish bands play so extensively in their hometown as Great Park Avenue is doing and that’s something that they think is the most important thing for a band to do, to play and to do it a lot – to show the city you’re from who you are. At this point Great Park Avenue is no longer a small newly acquired indie rock band, but has already taken root in the Swedish indie scene and takes its sustenance from the fertile soil.

5.- “Music for Cats“, is a unique instrumental project from After Ours, a two-man wrecking crew that has been performing together for 15+ years. Hybrid 7-string guitarist & looping artist Eli Kahn creates sonic layer cakes atop drummer Arthur Schroeder’s ever-expansive jazz beat backdrops. Influenced by artists such as Tortoise, Charlie Hunter, Russian Circles, Stereolab, Battles, & Can, the band blends all these elements to create an album that is in a world of its own.

6.- Hello Sisters “Lately X Things You Never Said” in their own words: “We are 3 sisters from Florida, all in high school together. We are songwriters and play all our own instruments. Writing music helps us express our emotions and hopefully is relateable to others. By sharing our real-life experiences our ultimate goal is to connect with our listeners on a personal level, promoting good vibes and to keep moving forward and that you are never alone.”

7.- Cardinal Markks is the moniker coined by Gus Teakle, a musician and producer from rural Cornwall. With his debut EP- ‘ Markksman E.P #1’ and accompanying video mixtape, Markks explores his experiences through bizarre allegorical stories and flights of fancy. Through a distinct lens that covers equal parts cynicism and joy.

8.- The Sound “Who’s Listening? In their own words: “We’re not the shiny K-Pop you would expect from South Korea, honestly we’re just a bunch of jackasses, but we’re a bunch of jackasses with a lot to say and we’ve got the music to back it up”

9.- Monsterboy LIVES “Heavy” Exploring the space between industrial rock and electronica with this EP. This collection flips the vibe of the project on its end, as the elements which are normally in the background have been brought forward.

You can also check out SENATE‘s debut EP “Some Form of Truth

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round-up:

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