Wotts’s nostalgia-infused new track “garden” is a masterpiece

Canadian indie pop act Wotts is back with an impeccable new single, “garden”. The band is made up of musicians Jayem and Ricky 100, and they’ve been releasing great music since 2021, and “garden” is another strong single from the duo.


Keeping up with the lighter and sunnier vibes that were also present in “blue” and “whele“, their latest track is actually the final single of their garden EP. It’s the first time that the duo presented us with a cohesive multi-track project, tied together by a cinematic vibe. The production continues its very own blend of modern and retro influences, but this time it takes a few steps away from their usual 80s-inspired synthpop.

“When we look back on this EP, it’ll probably stick out a bit sonically compared to our other music. But I think that underlying feeling where we we’re chasing something that we left behind is still there”, says vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem about this journey. And it’s easy to understand exactly what he means, the three songs that make up the garden EP explore a somewhat different sound whilst still feeling exactly like Wotts songs.

The band namedrops The Beatles, Men I Trust and Brazilian author Paulo Coelho as inspirations and, according to bassist/guitarist Ricky 100, being all over the place works for them. We can definitely understand where these names come from, as the three tracks deal with life and mortality in their themes – but sound as joyful as a summer breeze. The lyrics talk about escapism, where a metaphorical garden is a place of refuge and comfort in their own world – not entirely unlike songs such as “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by Arcade Fire or “Rearrange Beds” by An Horse.

On “garden” we have a slight surf rock influence as well that works in such a great way with the song and EP as a whole. It’s amazing to see such a creative and talented band trying out new sounds and production styles, and even more interesting to see how they can do all of this and still sound so familiar even on the first listen. Wotts has a very particular way of making nostalgia work without ever falling into clichés.

With the EP out and this trilogy behind them, the band is already working on their next project. There are other releases planned before the year’s end, so thankfully it won’t be too long before we can hear what they will come up with next!


Wotts press photo No 3

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