Edie Yvonne releases “In The Rain”, a search for calm in the turmoil

Edie Yvonne, a young upcoming pop singer based in LA, has just released her newest single “In The Rain”. The rain she sings about in here is the thundery kind that happens after you’ve had a falling out with someone you really care about. Now soaked with bitterness and pain, “In The Rain” longs for resolution and seeks a way out of this despair.


Written during the time Edie worked through emotional turmoil, “In The Rain” takes the shape of a soft caressing pop song with a close-to-the-heart sound. Though the pain and shame are present in massive amounts, this song tries to make it lighter through the honest lyrics and generally positive tone present in the slow-paced soulful atmosphere. Edie’s vocals complete the search back to the carelessness and lighter days, as she sings about the tender place she’s in and the desire to get away from the heavy burden.

“I wrote ‘In the Rain’ after an argument with a loved one, processing the words, my responses, the fears projected onto me, the resentments, and trying to sit with those feelings when it’s someone you truly care about,”

Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne "In The Rain" press photo
“I was trying to understand the emotions and hoping the song could provide
some healing down the road.”

“In The Rain” is the 5th single coming from Edie. The promising new artist, who’s currently only 14 years old, goes to the studio on a weekly basis to write music with a pair of emerging producers Nicky Sweden and Cormac Liotta. While Edie shows her intimate soul with “In The Rain”, her previous releases also unveil her knack for larger-than-life pop sound as well as diversity making every song of hers stand out. Even though Edie is so young, her music already sounds like that of a seasoned artist. A must for anyone looking for new vibrant souls in pop music!

Listen to “In The Rain” today!


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