Jerald Copp / ÍKORNI new & powerful “ForceGhost”

Icelandic producer Jerald Copp collaborates with… himself in his brand new single “ForceGhost”. That’s right, Copp and ÍKORNI are actually two alter egos of the same person! An electronica-infused track with sweet verses and powerful choruses.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we will talk about a very curious track delivered to us by Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, a music production veteran in Iceland with two alter egos, Jerald Copp and ÍKORNI. Let’s get it!

Stefán created ÍKORNI back in 2013, and Jerlad Copp in 2022. Two very different musical projects that for the very first time came together to create “ForceGhost”. Who would’ve thought that a producer could collaborate with himself? Well, Stefán did it and the result is amazing.

Stefán has worked as a professional musician and music producer for about 30 years.

With soft, tender verses with a chilled vibe and powerful choruses that stand out with their punchy drums and deep bass, this track is a unique listening experience that perfectly presents both sides of the producer’s musical qualities. Carefully crafted, this track excels through its sonic quality and skilled sound design.

The story behind the lyrics is about the feelings you get when your son starts to grow up, turning into an adult that no longer needs you that much. The artist tries to look for ways to stay relevant in the kid’s life, as he comes up with different ideas, just like when he sings “I can be your force ghost” in the chorus.

The song has a very big contrast between the verses and the chorus, while the verses are more in the spirit of classic jazz standards and has a more 1950 retrovibe the choruses are much bigger, darker, electronic fusion with growling synths and punchy drums.

The track is really beautiful and with a very personal meaning behind it, making it even more extraordinary. In this case, the more melancholic vibes are performed by ÍKORNI, and the powerful synth-pop choruses are performed by Jerald Copp. Truly unique and interesting!

Jerald Copp press photo

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