Nobody’s Wolf Child unveils the destructive power of words in new single “Human Remains”

Nobody’s Wolf Child is back from the shadowy creative realms with their newest single. Now exhibiting an even bolder, stronger, and more visceral sound with elements of industrial, the enigmatic artist’s new single “Human Remains” welcomes us to witness an uneasy journey into the twister nature of humanity bound to crash in on its vices.


Released recently, on July 7th, “Human Remains” is a fierce cinematic song depicting the sheer darkness that lies within our collective nature that’s so bound to succumb to greed, lust, and pettiness. The message calling for opening your mind is delivered by incredible vocals that inspire thrilled goosebumps with their opera-level power. That thrill is doubled by relentlessly bending the capabilities of the electric guitar, with the resulting shrieks and growls painting a strong visual of the gloomy landscape inhabited by humanity.

Nobody's Wolf Child "Human Remains" artwork

Nobody’s Wolf Child has also included visual works to match the story written into the single. The music video, this time made with the help of AI, is dark in overall tonality whilst showing the destructive nature of words through a series of gloomy, hard-hitting imagery. The song starts with hushed voices speaking what can only be imagined to be very dark words, accompanied by sounds of typing, and the video visualizes it with a dark figure with gloved fingers on the keyboard. The signature element of the song, the human remains, depict us, the regular individuals, trapped in the realm of destruction created by those, who can’t see beyond their own greed.



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Nobody’s Wolf Child has made some really evocative music and visuals introducing the listeners to the rich, heavily intricate worlds created by the artist. Wolves are the central part of the stories, and while Wolf Child has made her debut in the previous songs, “Human Remains” is a story of events seen through the eyes of Wolf Comanche, one of the 9 wolves that walk along with the Wolf Child.

Listen to “Human Remains” today!

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