Fond of Rudy’s comeback single “How Do I Delete You?” is an astounding breakup anthem.

British four-piece synthpop act Fond of Rudy has just released their new single, the captivating and dynamic “How Do I Delete You?” – the band’s first sliver of new music since 2019! Sounding reinvigorated and more on top of their game than ever, Fond of Rudy delivers one powerful comeback single.


Dealing with the complications and complexities of relationships in this digital age that we live in, the band manages to evoke deep feelings of longing and loss. It’s an incredibly heartfelt track, beautifully written and that makes an astounding use of digital imagery through a breakup. ‘I’m just trying to figure out how to delete you‘, frontman Matt Ahwal sings with a deep ache in his voice in the pre-chorus.

“This song delves into the haunting struggle of letting go and the torment of digital reminders that refuse to fade away. It’s a haunting exploration of the darkness that can consume us as we try to move forward. We believe this track will strike a chord with our listeners, resonating with the depths of their own experiences and emotions.

Fond of Rudy

And we’ve all been there. Going through a breakup while still following the ex on social media is brutal, and the decision to stop following them is a tough one. All of this is perfectly captured in this song, along with all of the emotions that come with it: sadness, longing, remembrance, grief, and hoping that maybe you don’t have to but knowing that you do.

“How Do I Delete You?” is a painful song, that comes from a very familiar place of seeing someone you love moving on from this relationship while you’re unable to do the same. It’s about the duality between holding on to a possibility, even though it hurts – because once you actually delete things and unfollow them, it’s final and it’s real.

The production on this new single is impeccable, blasting through big-but-soft synths and guitar riffs that complement each other beautifully. Fond of Rudy is no stranger to bigger sounds and larger-than-life feelings, as their past releases are packed with amazing songs that explore the best of their genre-defying sound and it’s even more impressive this time.

The band sounds fresh and new like they took this time apart during the pandemic to really work on their music and now sound like the best version of themselves and it’s just so good!

Fond of Rudy managed to capture every single thought and feeling that comes with breaking up through digital lenses, and it’s an incredibly effective song. “How Do I Delete You?” is one hell of a comeback song, and thankfully the band has already announced that this track will be a part of a brand-new EP that is in the works!

Fond Of Rudy "How Do I Delete You" press photo

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