Liv Crash’s Debut Album ‘Cause Even in This Album’: A Funky Journey Blending Blues, Rock,& Jazz.

Liv Crash, the solo project of Italian guitarist Stefano Pellecchia, has arisen with his debut album ‘Cause Even in This Album.’ Hailing from Milan, Italy, Liv Crash delivers a sensational collection of nine tracks that span a mere 27 minutes but leave a lasting impact. From funky alternative-pop-rock tracks to soulful jazz-infused ballads, this album is a product of years of sweat, love, and creativity.


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Liv Crash

Drawing inspiration from guitar legends like David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Pat Martino, Cory Wong, and Scott Henderson, Liv Crash showcases his own unique style and sound. The album kicks off with the brief yet intriguing intro track, “Shuli Gneppi Gneppi Boigna,” reminiscent of The Beatles’ experimental piece, “Revolution 9.” This sets the stage for the sonic adventure that awaits.

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The title track, “‘Cause Even in This Song,” immediately grabs your attention with a funky electric guitar riff that seamlessly transitions into a groovy interplay between the guitar and drums. With jazzy chord changes and captivating vocal harmonies, this lively song is an absolute treat for the ears. Liv Crash’s guitar solo further adds to the infectious energy of the track.

Continuing the funk-infused journey, “Sabotage” keeps the catchy and vibrant songwriting alive. The guitar solo in this track speaks volumes with its energetic and funky pop-rock essence. Liv Crash’s creativity shines through on “Shakespeare Inspired the Boobs,” where a prominent bass line and syncopated funky guitar riff create an irresistible groove. The cerebral yet groovy drumming and rhythmic arrangement display Liv Crash’s musical prowess.

“Wonderland” takes a detour into slow blues territory, offering a serene and introspective experience. Referencing “Alice in Wonderland,” this bluesy gem features a sweet and juicy guitar solo with jazzy blues phrasing, leaving listeners yearning for more. Liv Crash then brings back the funk with “I’m Not Your Witch,” showcasing insane drumming rhythms and infectious syncopation that will get you grooving and funking out in no time.

“You Fool (Mad)” transports us to mid-tempo blues rock heaven, exploring themes of romantic pain. The song’s guitar glory, reminiscent of Eric Clapton’s style, captivates from start to finish. Liv Crash’s instrumental jazz fusion masterpiece, “Eco M.,” steals the spotlight as one of the album’s highlights. Balancing virtuosity with musicality, Liv Crash’s guitar chops shine brilliantly, reminiscent of Guthrie Govan’s genius. Closing the album is “Fruit Shop,” an indie rock number with delightful jazz-pop elements. Liv Crash proves his versatility once again, leaving listeners with a final taste of his musical range. Throughout the album, not only the guitars but the drums take center stage, delivering phenomenal performances that anchor each track.

Liv Crash’s talent as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist is undeniable. ‘Cause Even in This Album’ is a great album that seamlessly blends catchy funk rock tracks with hints of blues and jazz fusion. Liv Crash’s debut aptly depicts the full range of his creativity and dedication, and it’s clear that he is a musical force to be reckoned with. So dive into this jazz blues funky rock journey and let Liv Crash’s infectious tunes uplift your spirit and make you groove to the beat.


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