JUNK Returns with a Funky Declaration

Hip Hop. Punk. Funk. Jazz. The trio known as JUNK encompasses all of these genres within their fusion of sound. And while I personally don’t think that’s out of step with any kind of artistic expression (especially these days), apparently the band has experienced a few critiques from certain curators due to their multi-layered approach. You might say, those “certain some” have been “Squawking Like a Bird” about it. Ha! See what I did there? Like the last time, we covered the band on #LT1KF? The title of the song was the same, same as what I just … just click the link, and you’ll get it.


Moving on. The point is, I sympathize with the plight. In fact, more than you might realize. I was critiqued recently within the last year as well, by a “publication,” for lack of a better term, that insisted that music should exist in a box and that a genre must be adhered to! The ol’ “pick a genre” hot take. Good thing folks like that aren’t responsible for actually creating music, right? How boring things would be. I’ll offer up this notion philosophically (not the actual quote, it’s my own paraphrasing): So, you have enemies? Good. That means you stood for something in your life.

Alas, far better than my halfcocked philosophical musings, JUNK has responded how they do best. Musically. The brand new self-titled single, “We call it Junk,” has been released to help clarify things for our armchair critics. Bless their hearts.

No one can seem to put a finger on what type of music we play, so as our own biggest fans and our own greatest critics, we decided to drop this JUNK Genre Hip hop Classical Funk track to let you know what we call it!! From droppin’ some hot jazz saxophone to a classical riff on a standing double bass played with a bow, this song has everything in it for a full-blown JUNK style! It’s like a classical music composition….but set to a hard beat!! Thank you for listening to our JUNK!”


JUNK is:

  • Bassist and composer Aaron “Dubl A” Seener from Long Island NY
  • Saxophonist and lyricist Dale “Dirty D” Pearson, and
  • Guitarist and Vocalist Nik “Anthem” Mathews from San Diego CA

As much as I probably have come off a bit razzed, don’t let that skew your perception of the band. They actually insist that without the pushback, there could be no progress. That’s a level and healthy headspace to have about it all. They clearly are a group of musicians that have a deep appreciation for the art of music from many perspectives, and that has never been a bad thing. That kind of thinking has only brought us to new and exciting places.


🚨#NewMusic🚨 🛑#ListenNow🛑 New Music added to playlist #FreshSingles “We call it JUNK” by #JUNK “We decided to drop this JUNK Genre Hip hop Classical Funk track to let you know what we call it!” ⭐LISTEN NOW⭐ Audio Mirage Studios #IndieOnly #AlterindieStateOfMind #BLOGLT1KF #UnknownButEssentials #LT1KF #SickestandDopest https://lessthan1000followers.com/2023/07/19/junk-returns-with-a-funky-declaration/

♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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  1. I love when artists fuse disparate genres and styles, and hip hop goes well with rock, pop, soul, jazz, metal, etc., exemplified by such acts as Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park and twenty one pilots, to name just three off the top of my head.

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