JUNK Chirps Back with new single “Squakin Like a Bird!”

There’s a saying that goes, “You could give the Internet ice cream, and the Internet would find a way to complain about it.” Indeed, the internet can be a place riddled with toxic behavior and uncalled-for comments. It certainly has no shortage of “experts” available at any given time to enlighten you. The band JUNK takes aim at the so-called internet experts both topically and quite explicitly in their latest single, “Squakin Like a Bird!

The press release describes the track as an “assault on internet gossip.” One might think given that context and title of the song, that perhaps there is a Twitter connotation, at least that’s what I first thought. But alas, not the case! As the story goes, there was an actual bird squawking right outside of the studio window, and the band recorded and sampled it for the recording. It’s as if the music gods sent the perfect accompanist to reinforce the musical message, ha! Now that’s as wild (pun totally intended) a vocal feature as I’ve ever heard. Talk about compositional inertia!


What makes JUNK a particularly interesting project is the overall body of work. “Squakin Like a Bird” is only the second song in their catalog to feature full-fledged lyrical verses and vocal arrangement. The first being the highly acclaimed “They Call me Old Man” released in February.

The rest of the band’s repertoire consists of an eclectic variety of compositions. The band takes great pride in describing themselves as “the band with no genre.” If you were to take a listen to their previous releases (Chromatose debut EP), you are sure to find a great deal of genre bending fusion in their work. From contemporary jazz and funk elements to movements incorporating lo-fi, distorted riffs, and hip hop. It doesn’t stop there either; JUNK dabbles across all ends of the genre spectrum. Albeit the precedent thus far when vocals are present exhibits a hip hop vibe.

JUNK is comprised of:

  • Aaron “Dubl A” Seener at bass (and “music theorist”) from Long Island, NY
  • Dale “Dirty D” Pearson on Saxophone from San Diego, CA
  • Nik “Anthem” Mathews on Guitar and Vocals from San Diego, CA

These exciting newfound band members have made a big splash with JUNK in just a short amount of time since forming. Already yielding more than 18k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this is certainly an independent outfit that is catching our attention.

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