JUNK – “They Call Me Old Man”

Junk is back. This single achieves a level of Cool that only age and experience can bring. “They Call Me Old Man” is a super dope hip-hop meets jazz track with witty lyrics, and the pride to become of a certain age. In other words: “Don’t you mess with an old man”.

“They Call Me Old Man” ¡Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your young blood, MadZen, and today I’m really happy and excited for today’s single. A tune truly interesting and nothing like I’ve heard before. The band is called JUNK, and the song is a reality check for any little punk trying to disrespect his/her seniors. Let’s get to it!

JUNK is a band from San Diego, California, created by master bassist and music theorist Aaron “Dubl A” Seener from Long Island NY and Saxophonist Dale “Dirty D” Pearson from San Diego CA. Their band aims to have no genre, but it is influenced by Jazz, Classic orchestral composition, Hip Hop, Punk rock, and Funk. The name JUNK comes from the fact that their music represents so many genres.

And a perfect example is today’s single. A song born after Dirty D received an agist comment, so he decided to step up and shut up a few mouths. “Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t always believe what you see. But what is Old anyway? What age is that? Made with the same Genre-bending Jazz Funk style that only JUNK can bring, we now present you…….They Call me Old Man.” – JUNK

The result, is a delightful blend between a hip-hop beat and vocals, with smooth & jazzy saxophone melodies, and the special guest performance of singer Nik Mathews, an amazing vocalist, and musician from San Diego California, and also the person who introduced Dale to music theory.

My favorite part is a Spanish verse, unexpected but well received, where Dale’s intention was to surprise the listener when he/she thought they had Dale all figured out.

I live part of my time in Mexico and part of my time in the USA. The line translates as…” Yes I’m the old man, but you aren’t gonna do anything, cause I have a lot of secrets that you don’t understand….idiot”. It refers to my past history and line of work and my entire compound in Mexico that I have kept secret until now. I put it in there just to show the listener, right when you thought I was a certain person, you found out you were wrong.

Dale Pearson

The lyrics come with no exaggeration, no bragging, and no lies. Just the simple truth. And the most amusing part is… Dale is not even that old… So,


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