Jane N’ The Jungle impressive new single “Bed Of Roses”

Phoenix-based act, Jane N’ The Jungle, returns in explosive new single “Bed Of Roses”. An emotional yet aggressive Rock tune with a mean groove and Jordan’s usual outstanding vocal performance.


What’s going on family, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a very cool upcoming single by one of the coolest Rock acts from Arizona. Jane N’ The Jungle’s newest track delivers a punchy and straightforward groove, with vocals that make a revolt out of our emotions. Let’s get it!

“Bed of Roses is like a beautiful 2,000 piece puzzle that is missing 1 piece, it’s almost perfect but has just one cork you can’t figure out.”

Jordan White

After their acclaimed previous release “Wasteland“, Jordan White (lead vocals, songwriter) and Brian Dellis (guitarist, songwriter) are back at it again with more impressive Rock tunes. Preparing for the release of their upcoming EP (which will include today’s track) the power duo are setting the mood and laying the path in front of them.

“Bed Of Roses” dwells on the complications (and illusions) of human emotions. Drum and bass are tightly knitted on a solid Hard Rock groove, while high-gained guitar riffs add raw textures. Exploding on the chorus, the whole track turns into a frenzy of rhythms and melodies; a sensorial overdrive with subtle pixelations that add to the confusion behind the lyrics.

“I wanted to amplify a weird campiness with sound and performance art that I haven’t done before.”

Jordan White

Jordan appears on the visualizer wearing multiple flowers on her head and eyebrows, acting as a sweet disguise behind the eruption of frustration she’s actually feeling. Top-notch vocals as always captivate us right away, and transport us to a place where doubt and uncertainty rebel.


“Bed of Roses is an artistic risk I was scared to make, but gave in to showcase a new version of myself.” – Jordan White

With this new version, Jordan achieved a whole new artistic expression which we believe works just right and shines a different perspective on the bad-ass hard rocker.

So, stream now!

Jane N' The Jungle "Bed Of Roses" press photo


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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