Kailey Conner’s sunlit debut ballad “Sensitive”

American singer and songwriter Kailey Conner is ready to get back to the game with the brand new single “Sensitive”, making a pop-forward acoustic ballad that just sounds lovely. The Florida-born, Virginia-based artist started performing at the age of five in her native Orlando, and briefly pursued a music career by releasing two EPs in 2011 and 2013 – and then she took a break.


Kailey kept performing a couple of shows and perfecting her craft, and now she’s ready to rebrand herself and start over with a freshly released new single called “Sensitive”. The track stands as her factual debut, and it shows a maturity and confidence that can only come from years of performing. Kailey is starting off already knowing what she’s going, and it shows.

“Sensitive” is a power ballad, backed by pop sensibilities and folk influences, much in the likes of big names like Sara Bareilles and Ms. Taylor Swift herself. It’s a heartfelt track that feels warm and breezy like the sunlight on an open field – you can feel the smell of grass and the fluttering of butterfly wings passing by as it gets stuck in your head.

But the power of “Sensitive” relies on its vulnerable and soulful lyrics, which talk about trying to build a thicker skin for herself after disillusionment over a relationship – or, just life itself. It is a lovely pop track backed by a strong and direct message, performed and produced beautifully. On just one track she already shows that she possesses a clear vision and a fully formed sound, making “Sensitive” a perfect proper debut from Kailey, and leaves you wanting more.

On her official YouTube channel, there is a stripped-back acoustic solo performance of the song that highlights all of its strengths: the vulnerability of its lyrics and beautiful vocals from Kailey. The artist also has a number of covers on her channel, from artists that range from pop-punkers Beach Bunny and Sum 41 to No Doubt and Sixpence None the Richer, which showcases her wide influences in her writing and sound. This is just the beginning for Kailey, and we should expect great things from her moving forward.


I’ve always been a sensitive person ,going back to childhood. I even had trouble accepting compliments, so I would obviously have a harder time accepting constructive criticism. I have a tendency to take things personally when I shouldn’t. This led to some anxiety and to me stifling my own opinions and ideas a lot. I wrote “Sensitive” to poke fun at that aspect of my personality and to give myself permission to be open about my feelings.

Kailey Conner
Kailey Conner press photo "Sensitive"

“I would say they can expect catchy pop-inspired melodies but with intricate meaningful lyrics. Sensitive is mainly an acoustic-guitar track, but in the last year or so I picked up an electric guitar. So, new music that I plan on releasing before the end of the year will have more of a power-pop or alternative feel (while keeping the catchiness).”

Kailey Conner


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