Ambient Magical Indie Rock Journey With The Third Man’s ‘Somewhere To Leave’

The Third Man’s debut album, “Somewhere To Leave,” takes listeners on a magical indie rock journey, weaving together a mesmerizing blend of alternative and ambient sounds. Hailing from Edinburgh, this four-piece band has been crafting music for over two decades, and their experience is evident in the seamless layers of sound, lyrics, and storytelling found throughout the album.


With ten captivating tracks, “Somewhere To Leave” opens with “All These Things,” an ethereal masterpiece that showcases heavenly vocals and serene vocal effects. As strings enter halfway through the track, the mood becomes uplifting and peaceful, leaving the listener in a state of tranquility. The enchanting atmosphere continues with “What She Wrote,” an ambient gem that creates magical soundscapes. The clever use of reverb and space-time-based effects adds an otherworldly dimension to the music, making it an immersive experience.

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The album takes a turn towards modern alternative folk rock with “Haven,” featuring clean acoustic guitars, prominent bass, and apt drumming. Its ballad-like feel and heartfelt vocals make it a standout track, leaving a lasting impression. “Good Time” follows a relatively darker indie folk rock song that still manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia, especially in the chorus.

The emotional journey continues with “Interlude,” a magical track with minimal instrumentation—guitar, vocals, and piano—transporting listeners to a world of pure magic. As the album progresses, “Crack in the Door” brings a more upbeat rock mood, boasting great chord progressions and voicings while maintaining a blissful quality. “Saviour” showcases an inventive rhythm section, beautifully blended with the album’s overall smooth timbre.


The true magic of “Somewhere To Leave” lies in its sonic artistry. The tonal quality throughout the album is simply enchanting, with soothing vocals that naturally relax listeners amidst the intense lyrical themes.

The album’s atmospheric sound and ethereal vibes make it a captivating and immersive experience. The seamless combination of meditative, folk rock, and soothing art rock elements adds to the album’s allure, creating a unique and enchanting sonic palette. The bass, drums, and percussion, all contribute to the album’s soft gloom with layers of silver linings, as if it were made of snow, honey, and roses, providing a soothing feast for the aural senses.

The Third Man’s “Somewhere To Leave” is a remarkable album that showcases the band’s expertise in crafting magical soundscapes. The fusion of indie rock and folk elements, alongside the mesmerizing ambient arrangements, sets the album apart and transports listeners to another world. If you’re looking for an ethereal and immersive musical journey, look no further than “Somewhere To Leave.”

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