Wild As Her’s Debut Album ‘Off The Leash’: An Exciting Journey Through Power Alt-Country Bliss

In their debut album, “Off The Leash,” German duo Wild As Her, comprising Caroline Von Brünken and Chris Kaufmann, deliver an exceptional collection of alternative country rock music that captivates listeners with its emotive power and storytelling prowess. With 11 soul-stirring songs packed into a concise 35-minute experience, this album takes you on a sonic journey filled with power, intimacy, familiarity, and raw emotion.


The pristine, high-quality production of “Off The Leash” immediately sets the stage for a captivating musical experience. Most songs clock in at around 3 minutes or less, showcasing the duo’s impressive songwriting and tight arrangements. From the very first track, listeners are drawn into the album’s majestic soundscape, expertly crafted to sound full and rich, a testament to the duo’s songwriting brilliance and Kaufmann’s expert production skills.

Throughout the album, Wild As Her confidently navigates between various rock and country sub-genres, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience. “To Us To Life” is an upbeat and positive country rock tune that will get you grooving, while “Red Flag” introduces blues rock elements with an epic sound that demands attention.

“Guilty” stands out with its super catchy intro riff and banjo accompaniment, delivering a heavy alt-country rock punch. “High On Country” infuses pop elements, creating an upbeat and life-affirming song that’s sure to put a smile on your face. “Tequila Therapy” is another highlight, featuring great country rock sensibilities and showcasing impressive guitar and violin solos that leave a lasting impression.

“Bourbon Goodbye” takes us on a classic country journey, reminding us of the genre’s timeless charm. Closing the album is the alternative Honky Tonk Cut of “Tequila Therapy,” offering an organized and reimagined country rock version that wraps up the album in style.

Among the standout tracks on “Off The Leash,” “If It Ain’t Hurtin'” and “Beautifully Broken” shine with brilliance. The former welcomes listeners with enchanting vocal harmonies and magical piano chords, delivering an alt-country rock anthem filled with emotion and phenomenal songwriting. Meanwhile, “Beautifully Broken” treats us to a rock ballad that feels highly cinematic, graced by mesmerizing vocal harmony choirs.

Caroline Von Brünken’s vocals are an undeniable highlight throughout the album. With touches of gospel, her powerhouse voice effortlessly evokes deep emotions, belting out melodies with the force of thunder. Each song on the album is a testament to the duo’s phenomenal songwriting and impeccable production, with a special focus on the tastefully crafted guitar and drum work that adds a delightful texture to the overall sound. Chris Kaufmann’s production and guitar playing is out of this world!

“Off The Leash” is a remarkable debut album that cements Wild As Her’s position as a formidable force in the alternative country music scene. With powerful vocals, masterful songwriting, and excellent production, the duo has crafted an intimate and emotive musical experience that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a folk or country music fan or simply looking for exceptional music to enjoy, “Off The Leash” is a must-listen that will have you coming back for more of Wild As Her’s captivating sonic storytelling.

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