Shaven Primates’ ‘Birds Aren’t Real’: A Cathartic Blend of Alt Prog Rock with Witty Satire

Shaven Primates have truly outdone themselves with their latest album, “Birds Aren’t Real.” This five-piece alternative progressive rock band from Oxford, UK, has crafted a masterful musical narrative that delves into the depths of human emotions and society. As they intend the human experience ranging from love to anger resonates through the arrangements, providing listeners with an intelligent and engaging rock album.



The album presents a seamless fusion of retro and modern elements, blending smart basslines with clean and powerful guitars and synths. The astute drums and gritty, emotive vocals further contribute to the unique and captivating sound of Shaven Primates.

Shaven Primates "Birds Aren't Real" press photo bird faces

Influenced by iconic artists like Velvet Underground, Kate Bush, Tool, Prodigy, Yes, Clash, Bowie, Porcupine Tree, and Pink Floyd, Shaven Primates take inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, resulting in a refreshing and innovative rock experience.

The band’s thematic focus is evident in their statements about the album’s creation. “Birds Aren’t Real” revolves around thought-provoking topics, including war, propaganda, and conspiracy theories. Additionally, the album touches on perspectives on suicide and the struggles of growing up with a mind that doesn’t fit societal norms. The track listing is a testament to the band’s musical prowess and versatility.

“Fade Away” kicks things off with an engaging rhythm section and powerful vocal delivery, providing a glimpse into the rise of fascism in the age of social media. “A Decision” follows with a blend of ponderous clean guitar parts, synths, and symphonic layers reminiscent of Porcupine Tree.

“Silicon Implants” offers a fast-paced, groovy blues track that cleverly references historical figures and their impact on the modern world. “Unmasked” showcases a slow alt-rock song that builds energy in its elevating chorus, addressing the struggles and triumphs of being diagnosed with autism.

The titular track, “Birds Aren’t Real,” embodies the album’s wacky and satirical spirit, exploring the tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory that birds are government-operated drones. The song’s thundering choruses and progressive rock elements solidify it as a phenomenal centerpiece of the album.

“Birds Aren’t Real” is a fantastic amalgamation of alternative and progressive rock, effortlessly blending gothic, dark wave, art-rock, and post-punk influences. Shaven Primates have created a musical journey that embraces both powerful rock choruses and intricate instrumental arrangements.

Prog and alt-rock fans will enjoy the thought-provoking themes, witty satire, and eclectic mix of musical styles, “Birds Aren’t Real” is a must-listen. Shaven Primates’ ability to combine emotional depth with musical ingenuity makes this album a true gem.

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