9 O’Clock Nasty new single “Savage Mechanic”

9 O’Clock Nasty savagely critiques those who steal the glamour of life’s precious moments in the brand new single “Savage Mechanic”. A track about pathological liars, scary storytellers, and angry old fellas. A groovy Garage Rock track with a mean bass line.



The Sex Pistols played at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester in June 1976. The venue has a capacity of 400, and yet more than a million people say they were there.* Those Savage Mechanics are everywhere.

9 o’clock Nasty

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s yer boy MadZen and today we have a glorious release by the Leicester rockers, 9 O’Clock Nasty. A track that takes us back to the 70s with its psychedelic rock influence, four on-the-floor drums, and curated with the unique humor of the raccoons. Let’s get it!

*we have photographic evidence that 9 o’clock Nasty were the support band that night. We also have Photoshop.

9 o’clock Nasty

We all lie, some more than others, but to come up with stories like “I visited George Clooney last week, we had some drinks, and he let me pet his iguana” well, that’s a whole other level. These special gentlemen are what the Nasty call the savage mechanics. Mechanics of a damaged reality, one that they have no way to prove, but swear it’s true.

“I was there” they tell you. With their ink-stained arms and mad pink eyes. They fought in every armed conflict during the last 20 years and won the Great British Bake Off in the TV series that will never be shown. They see the truth, about vaccines, climate change, the flatness of the Earth. They cannot be denied, the Savage Mechanics.”

9 o’clock Nasty

The track is a trip to the past, with a modern twist and sense of humor. Its Garage Rock sounds make it perfect for a mystery movie, a ride through the city at night, or simply annoying your neighbors at 5 am. The Nasty doing what they do best… making fun of whoever/whatever they want, shedding a light on post-modernism bullshit, and exposing the truth about your aunt’s tale of having sex with George Bush back in college.


Please note the song will be released on all streaming channels and YouTube on SUNDAY JULY 30th 2023. So,


9 o'clock Nasty "Savage Mechanic" press photo

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