Bromsen’s softer side with new single “Read About It”

German synthpop duo Bromsen are showing their faces here back again with their fourth single, “Read About It” and they just keep sounding even more interesting. The band, made up of Richard and Karlo Bromsen, took inspiration from other artists’ lives to write their new song and made something truly unique out of it.

“The inspiration behind the song lies in the artists who wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to their craft and lived their art. They created incredible music and art, yet often faced personal struggles. Regrettably, they are no longer with us, leaving behind their music and stories for us to cherish and learn from”, they say about the track and namedrop legends like Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrisson, as well as acknowledge smaller and lesser known artists as well.

It’s a gorgeous track, featuring an incredible production that blends eerie synths with a soft yet pulsating beat intertwined with amazing electric guitars. Their vocals also sound astoundingly clear throughout, you can hear every single element and everything sounds so good. “Read About It” has a slightly different production than their past “We!” and “The Photograph“, with less distorted guitars and a post-punk vibe, and this time they seem to be focusing more on the textures provided by the synths – a bold move, especially for a song with such themes, but the boys make it work.

“Read About It” comes along with a music video that serves as a lyric video as well, featuring still black-and-white photographs of said artists as the lyrics flow on the screen. It’s simple yet very effective and fits the atmosphere set by the production very well.


The new single from Bromsen comes to prove that these two are on their way to greatness, with intricate and interesting song concepts as well as deliverance and performance. The way they blend the post-punk feelings with synths and steady beats even when creating their most intimate and softer track yet is completely original, and leaves you wanting to hear more.


Bromsen "Read About It" press photo


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