Don Drago Releases Inspiring New Music Video for “Grind” Featuring Davion the God

Don Drago is an impressive rapper on the rise hitting 100k streams on his well-received single “Paradise” released only a few months ago in April. While that milestone is certainly something to sit back and soak in, Drago instead continues to grind it out both figuratively and literally with his brand new single, fittingly titled, “Grind,” featuring Davion the God. The message of the song is straightforward, it’s dedicated to people who put in the work, day after day and refuse to let their circumstances determine their fate.

#Bandcamper alert! The single is also available on Bandcamp for you to support and just might suit your fancy for this upcoming Bandcamp Friday! I took the liberty of buying it myself and we’re spinning it on AMS Radio during the “Rhyme and Reason” timeslots.


“Grind” hit the steaming market last Friday on 07-28-2023 and picks up musically right where “Paradise” left off. Drago’s flow is infectious and smooth. The beat on “Grind” is particularly hard knocking, which I love. There is this ethereal guitar line that opens the track that hooks you right in. A “chef’s kiss” of an underlying melody, if you will. Once the beat drops over it you know you’re listening to some fire.

I can relate to so much of the lyrical prowess, I love the hook “I gotta grind every day when I wake up, Cuz where I come from, ain’t nobody come to save us” and the very nice wordplay (a “whoo” moment lyrically) that bookends the phrasing: “Don’t talk ’bout me, honestly, you don’t know me boi, I’m Hiroshima on the track when I get deployed.” It’s one of those songs you put on, vibe to, and feel about a thousand feet tall.

The Music Video is a major element to the release as well, already at 5k views and growing. Videography is credited to Big Brook Visuals and Shot Down Cinemas. It sets the stage satirically in an office, situationally setting up a job interview for Davion. It’s a fun underlying vibe that calls back to classic hip hop music videos of the past. Throughout the shoot, you’ll find Drago rapping lyrics into the phone from the “big office” making boss moves and directing traffic. Production is slick. Check it out:


Don Drago is a Florida native, singer, producer, and entrepreneur. Keep an eye out for his live performances as they have also been a highlight of his repertoire. He has won first place in the Coast to Coast music competition and has played notable gigs at Crow Bar and Pegasus Lounge. He has cited direct influence from artists like Nelly, Eminem, and Ludacris. His music would be a fine recommendation for fans of those aforementioned artists and even more so for fans of Flo Rida and Pitbull.

Don Drago "Grind" press photo



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