Scarlet Mill’s haunting new single “Sea Devil”

Dutch duo Scarlet Mill is gearing up for the release of their sophomore album with another stunner of a single. “Sea Devil”, the fourth release from the upcoming album, is a “menacing Bachian composition with a Parisian touch” and also serves as the next chapter on the overall story the band is telling.


Scarlet Mill is crafting for their next album a love story between a sailing musician and his muse, and the new single is the story of his travels from “Port Henry” to Paris. There is, indeed, a very French feeling to “Sea Devil”, with structures that remind you of early Yann Tiersen as much as a dark lullaby. The atmospheres achieved by the band are eerie and claustrophobic, with a steady guitar riff and the slow vocals, shared by both members at once. And then, like in an actual movie scene, the instruments break into an epic jam filled with organs, guitars, and percussion for a stunning outro.

The result is a haunting tale backed by gorgeous production, with rich instrumentations and textures like no other. Scarlet Mill has already proven themselves as very interesting composers, adding child-like melodies to their songs but twisting them so they sound dangerous and larger than life. “Sea Devil” is exactly like that, a folk ballad that showcases influences from the likes of Nick Cave, Elliott Smith, and Lou Reed whilst sounding like an old country murder ballad.

The most exciting part of all of this is that although Scarlet Mil’s singles sound cohesive, they each paint a very peculiar soundscape that is different each time – be it the melancholia of “Sinking Man” or the chilling softness of “You’re Mine” – and nothing sounds like “Sea Devil”.

At this point in the story, our hero is on his way to Paris “from doom to a grain of hope but also a heap of fright”; keeping up with the epic story of love, passion, and remorse that seems to get more intricate with each new release.

Our character’s journeys are as important as the music Scarlet Mill is making, and this is a very unusual way of releasing an album and telling a story – but the Dutch duo knows exactly what they’re doing. They know just how much to show, to hook you into this universe, and also how much to keep hidden until the album drops. I can’t wait for the rest of the story.


Scarlet Mill "Sea Devil" press photo
“The music literally came to the band in a dream, and takes a Bachian guitar theme, accompanied by devote organ and a French-feel accordion solo, to a glam-style ballad, with an ecstatic instrumental epilogue”.


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