Like an evil Leonard Cohen, Scarlet Mill delivers an obscure, groovy, and tantalizing single filled with spooky scenes and thrilling melodies. Listen right now to “Port Henry” and its spine-chilling atmosphere!

A raspy low voice tells a tale of danger and awe, fuzzy sliding guitars and classic Hammond organs flood our ears with their ominous vibrations, skipping drum & bass set the nasty beat of the track, and bright female vocals support this ghostly musical expression.

Born from a scary, stormy night at the actually called Port Henry, this new song by Dutch duo, Scarlett Mill is the first single off their upcoming album. That night, Jennifer Moesker (vocals, piano, synths) and Erik Verhoef (vocals, guitar, bass and drums), almost lost their boat to a thunderous storm.

The pier our boat was tied upon broke in two parts. Things went really bad, we barely managed to save the boat. This frightening experience thus nicely set the scene for the tale to be told on the forthcoming album.” – Scarlet Mill

The duo has a long background story, as they initially got together in the 1980s but then separated for a couple of decades. It took them about 35 years to finally reunite and make music, which led to their first album release, Chronicles, in 2020.

Now, the duo is back again with an uplifting, Indie /Glam Rock song that shakes us with its eerie groove and haunting vibe. Inspired by artists such as Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen, Scarlet Mills is characterized by low raspy vocals, a semi Folk attitude, and mean storytelling.

The development of their story will be fully disclosed once their next album is out, and we can’t wait to hear it! A tale of love, compassion, and remorse. Soon to appear this Spring!

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