Class Vee’s fine line between experimental and commercial pop on new song “Wierdos”

The all-around force of nature singer and artist Class Vee is back with the new single “Wierdos”, a hip-hop-infused pop track that follows her 90s dance anthem “House Party” from last May. Leaving the 90s-heavy production aside for this one, the track focuses on what she does best: emotions, mixing together the old and the new and, of course, having fun.


On her latest single, Class Vee keeps up with her very own unique style that blends funk, r&b, and soul with pop and her black and Latina roots as well. “Wierdos” is a light-hearted and fun track, much like “House Party”, that brings to light her powerful voice and knack for crafting a perfect pop song. Dealing with uncertainties in a new relationship and trying to be cool about it, Class Vee pours her emotions over trap beats intertwined with infectious synth lines and plucked violins.

“Wierdos” features an incredibly interesting production and progression, adding new elements and sounds every few seconds. Probably the most experimental pop production Class Vee’s released so far, it still manages to sound like a commercial pop song you could (and should) listen to on the radio everywhere around the world.

This type of balance between something that is so unique that almost feels out of place on a modern pop song and the lightness and fun of it all is the artist’s trademark and this time it truly sounds like nothing else. This song is fun to listen to, and the kind of song that really couldn’t have come from anyone else. It’s just so cool, exactly like Class Vee herself always is.


Class Vee "Wierdos" press photo


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