Juan Blak Breathes New Life into a Classic: “One of the Living”

A collaboration of indie supergroup proportion has transpired between Juan Blak of BlaK SundaY, Justin Hall of Artificial Zero, AIR-IK of Willow Wisp, and Gene Migaki of Thorns of Sin in the form of a Goth-Rock / Industrial rendition of the late, great Tina Turne classic “One of the Living.” The track hit the streaming market at the onset of this month, August 1st. You might remember this particular song in association with the equally classic 1985 movie “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.”

The artists involved with the track not only release music on their own solo catalogs, but also are involved with several projects spanning the range of Metal, Post-Punk, Goth, and Industrial Metal. The collaboration’s production has taken place over the last couple of months, the inspirational homage due to Turner’s recent passing in May. Moving on from the somberness of that note, the track and memory lives on! And is a #bandcamperalert as well. Check it out on Bandcamp:


We asked Juan to elaborate more on what sparked the inspiration for the cover, future plans for the track, and about the collaboration with the other artists involved and this is what he said:

What inspired this song was, as I grew up I listened to Tina Turner and I was also a huge fan of the Mad Max movies, especially “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome,” which she was in. When she passed away a couple months ago, I was wanting to do a cover of “One of the Living” from that film as a tribute. So I collabbed with some close friends who live in 4 different states, who frankly, I was looking for an excuse to collab with anyway, and we spent the next couple months working on the track you hear now. I have plans on making a music video for it as well.  

Juan Blak "One of the Living" press photo

Seeing as how the collaboration spanned across four different states, the venture was certainly an ambitious one and a great example of the artistic opportunities and capabilities available for independent artists in today’s technological environment. Production credits for the single go to Justin Hall. Juan Blak is featured on vocals, Gene Migaki (a regionally reputable bass player) is featured on Bass, and AIR-IK is credited for the track’s guitar work.

Excited to hear Blak is working on a visual representation to accompany the song (in the form of a music video). I wonder how much it will call back to the movie like the original did. Definitely stay tuned with Juan Blak’s socials to keep up with that news! I’ve listened to both versions back-to-back and it’s an amazing testament to how a great song is able to transcend and be performed in multiple ways.


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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