Luch Stefano’s vulnerable and heartfelt new track “Butterflies”

British-based artist Luch Stefano delivers a heartfelt ballad on his latest track “Butterflies”. The song stands as the fourth single from his upcoming album under the project HEArTWORK and it’s a very interesting take on a love song, from a perspective that isn’t usual for a pop song. In “Butterflies”, Luch sings about having strong feelings toward someone and realizing that the feeling isn’t exactly mutual, even though there have been several dates and nights together.


The song is a lovely ballad, entirely self-written and produced by Luch himself, crafted in his own bedroom, and it’s incredibly vulnerable in its lyrics. ‘I’m still not giving you butterflies‘, he pours his heart out on the chorus and it’s quickly followed by the devastating ‘You say that we could just be friends‘ response. It’s harsh and it hurts, but Luch does it in such a delicate way that even the heartbreak feels nice alongside the gorgeous production behind the track.

“I wanted “Butterflies” to evoke raw emotions and offer hope for a musical career filled with passion and authenticity, rather than settling for a relationship where someone’s heart isn’t fully invested”, Luch says about the song. “I poured my heart and soul into every element. I wrote, produced, and carefully added sampled strings, acoustic guitar, and drum samples, dedicating hours to perfecting the sound”, he continues. You can definitely tell: there is so much emotion behind every line, every chord. It truly is an astonishingly authentic song, beautifully produced to the nines.

The soundscapes painted by Luch are absolutely gorgeous: there are soft strings being plucked, pianos, and a propulsive percussion that guides the track toward something beautiful. There is almost an emo pop-punk vibe to it, even though the sounds explored by Luch are much more tender. His major inspiration behind the current project is Ed Sheeran’s album PLUS and it’s easy to see it, in the way Luch writes and creates his sounds.

“Butterflies” is an absolute beast of a song, showing us the not-ideal side of a love story and making it all sound so incredibly human and universal. Luch Stefano keeps getting better both as a writer as well as a producer on each new release, and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.


Luch Stefano "Butterflies" press photo


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